Circa, Las Vegas’ first 21+ casino implements age verification at the door

In 2020 Circa Casino became the first casino in Vegas to launch as a 21-and-over property. Although casino visitors must be 21 to gamble, casinos do not typically deny entry to underage guests. So Circa’s approach – casino age verification at the point of entry – was novel.

The traditional approach to casino ID scanning

Traditionally, casinos approach only guests who look under-21 to ask for ID. This is done by a dealer or bartender who inspects the ID manually. 

The only additional safeguard is for winnings that require a W2-G, when a guest will be ID’d at the cage to collect their payout. 

The Circa way

In order to ensure an adults-only property, and remove ID-checking responsibilities from untrained staff, Circa implemented ID scanning at their three entrances using Panasonic Toughbook FZN1 Scanners and VeriScan Enterprise software.

All Circa ID scanners sync with their centralized visitor management system (VMS), VeriScan Enterprise. VeriScan works with all commonly sold scanners. The VeriScan AI-engine is purpose built for detecting fake IDs. It uses AI to perform more than 100 checks for known fake ID “tells.”

Circa software requirements

  • Perform age verification
  • Catch fake IDs
  • Read all government-issued IDs as well as foreign passports
  • Collect data from IDs for import into other Circa systems
  • Works offline
  •  Ease of use – must be foolproof for busy security staff
  • SOC II Certification 
  • TWAIN Compliant 
  • Support mobile, handheld scanners

Key benefits of casino age verification

  • Know who is on your property at all times
  • Immediately match any on-property events to photos of scanned IDs
  • Remove ID checking burden (including litigating fakes) from untrained staff
  • Keep out unsavory individuals who would prefer to remain anonymous
  • Check against your casino banned list or self-exclusion list with each ID scan

When used with a mobile device, it performs the highest level of 2D barcode scanning, and when used with a desktop scanners, it is also able to process physical checks such as UV/IR, hologram matching and more. Both scanner options allow 3rd party checks including, background, social security, OFAC, KBA and more. It is equipped to handle any level of KYC and KBA needs. 

In addition to scanning and verification, VeriScan performs ID parsing, which takes fields stored in the barcode and converts them to readable data. This allows Circa to easily collect names and demographic and geographic information about all of their guests. This information can then be sent to their player loyalty system and CRM system to give a full picture of a guest’s engagement with the brand. 


ID scanning at entrances has given Circa deeper visibility into the demographics of guests on the property – including the post-pandemic uptick in the number of guests from out-of-state. 

They are currently working on integration solutions to connect their VeriScan Visitor Management System with other customer tracking and management software, as well as the Circa loyalty program.

As of Spring 2022, two more Fremont Street casinos are considering going 21+. The trend towards scanning upon entry is expected to continue as more casinos shift to focus on adult-only experiences and properties.

IDScan.net solutions for casinos

Our casino ID scanners instantly detect fake IDs, verify age, and automatically collect guest data to facilitate enrollment in loyalty programs and other guest services. IDScan.net and VeriScan solutions serve brick and mortar casinos, gaming parlors, truck stops, and online casinos, as well as a variety of gaming and gambling oriented tech businesses. IDScan.net integrates seamlessly into casino & gaming industry software, ensuring your customer data enters the system with 100% accuracy, and each ID scan can be associated with play and stay history.