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Announcing the enhanced VeriScan cloud portal

Learn about the change in the VeriScan Cloud Portal – the sunset of and the new features at

Is your fake ID scanner app actually catching fake IDs?

An App Store search for “ID scanner” generates more than 100 results, but how do they actually perform when tested against fake IDs?

Coming soon! New North Carolina drivers license

In May 2024, North Carolina DMV announced that they will be rolling out a new driver’s license format, packed with security features. The DMV Commissioner is…

Does your hotel have to check guest IDs?

The check in process at hotels is straightforward, but why do they check your ID? Is it legal, and what do they do with the information?

Coming Soon! New Mississippi drivers license format

If you are a business that is regularly scanning Mississippi IDs, you may have noticed that MS driver’s licenses have a new design. On June 4,…

Maryland SB 1056 | Age verification for tobacco sales

Maryland recently passed SB 1056, that will require certain licensed retailers to verify an individual’s DOB before selling tobacco products.

The state of weed vending machines in 2024

The concept of a cannabis vending machine has been a popular one for many years, but which states are they legal in?

New NCCB Regulations for ID Scanning for Nevada Dispensaries

On May 2nd, the Nevada Cannabis Control Board published a significant update to their guidelines for ID scanning. As we have mentioned before, Nevada is the…