ID scanners for bars & nightclubs

Enhance your bar or club’s guest experience and security, keep out underage patrons – with best-in-class ID scanners for bars.

ID scanner for bars and nightclubs, age verification
VeriScan for Bars & Nightclubs

Age verification and visitor management trusted by more than 1,500 bars, clubs, and venues

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Age checker

Keep minors out and verify all guests over the legal age to enter (18+, 21+)

Fake ID Detection / ID Authentication icon

Catch fake IDs

Detect suspicious and fraudulent IDs as they are presented

Banned list icon

Manage banned lists

Easily add troublesome patrons to your Banned list and instantly sync the list across all your entrances

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Create VIP lists

Add big spenders and loyal customers to your VIP list for white glove treatment and special benefits

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Avoid fines & lawsuits

Ensure zero sales of alcohol to minors and compliance with all state and federal laws

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Speed up entry

Empower your bouncers by giving them instant ID scanning of guests