ID scanners for bars & nightclubs

Enhance your bar or club’s guest experience and security, keep out underage patrons – with best-in-class ID scanners for bars.

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VeriScan for Bars & Nightclubs

Age verification and visitor management trusted by more than 1,500 bars, clubs, and venues

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Age checker

Keep minors out and verify all guests over the legal age to enter (18+, 21+)

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Catch fake IDs

Detect suspicious and fraudulent IDs as they are presented

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Manage banned lists

Easily add troublesome patrons to your Banned list and instantly sync the list across all your entrances

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Create VIP lists

Add big spenders and loyal customers to your VIP list for white glove treatment and special benefits

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Avoid fines & lawsuits

Ensure zero sales of alcohol to minors and compliance with all state and federal laws

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Speed up entry

Empower your bouncers by giving them instant ID scanning at entrances

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ID authentication & fake ID detection

Sophisticated fake IDs are impossible to spot with the naked eye. Some even pass as legitimate when the 2D barcode is scanned.

To catch high quality fakes, you’ll need to perform ID authentication using a capable ID scanner.

  • White light scanning
  • Infrared light scanning
  • Ultraviolet light scanning
  • Hologram checks
  • 6-image comparison
  • Front/back matching using OCR
  • 2D barcode security
  • Watermark checks

ID authentication is capable of catching up to 95% of fake IDs and is the best way to keep minors out.

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IDWare9000 with a barcode security popup on the screen after scanning a fake ID
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Handheld ID scanning

Flexible, portable ID scanners can be carried by your security team or bartenders for scanning on the go. But don’t sacrifice fake ID detection.

2D barcode security checks can catch nearly 50% of fakes with a simple barcode scan. Many fake IDs contain “tells” in incorrectly formatted data, or use of non-standard values (example: using the incorrect state abbreviation).

Our AI performs more than 75 algorithmic checks on every scanned ID, and flags anomalous and suspicious documents on the screen.

ID scanning enhances the nightlife experience

Venues of all sizes rely on VeriScan to stay safe, deter troublemakers, and remain compliant with age restrictions.

Reduce wait times

ID scanners will greatly reduce your wait times at the door by instantly scanning and validating each ID.

Track VIPs

Easily create and manage VIP lists. Set up alerts so your team knows the minute a VIP walks through the door.

Identify high rollers

VeriScan Golden Zip Codes feature can alert you when potential high rollers are scanned.

Catch fake IDs

Keep minors out. Our age verification software is the best at catching fakes using a handheld or desktop scanner.

Verify age

Instantly scan the 2D barcode on the back of the ID and the guest’s age displays on the screen.

Manage Banned lists

Keep your 86-list organized with one-click adding and email and SMS alerting when a banned patron tries to enter.

Prevent chargebacks

Copies of signed receipts can be added to timestamped visit histories for easy chargeback dispute resolution.

Stop passbacks

VeriScan will alert your team if an ID is scanned again within a set time period – removing passback risk.

Capture images

Automatically save an image of the ID, or a cropped image of the ID photo alone for easy visual reference.

Add notes

Quickly add notes to each visit or guest profile that can be recalled inside VeriScan history.

Visit counting

See your busiest days and times through detailed reporting and scan volume history.

Scan new formats

Our document library is updated monthly to ensure all newly released IDs are compatible.

Multi-device sync

Sync your scans, visit history, and lists between all your entrances to keep your team informed.

SMS alerts

Alert your managers, owners, and staff via email or SMS, to keep them aware of banned patrons or VIPs.

Demographic reports

Run reports on age, gender, and zip codes of your guests to better tailor your marketing and sales efforts.

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VeriScan Testimonials

Here’s what our customers have to say

“VeriScan has been critical for us in managing the safety of our club. The searchable, visual history has made turnaround times faster when we need to ban a troublemaker or send over data to Denver police.”

“VeriScan’s user-friendly interface makes daily age verification a breeze. New staff can be trained quickly, and the system integrates seamlessly into our existing workflow. Every ID scan is effortless, ensuring we can efficiently serve our customers.”

“The comprehensive reporting and data analytics provided by VeriScan are invaluable. We can track customer patterns, monitor compliance, and make informed decisions that drive our business forward.”

“VeriScan’s fast and efficient ID scanning significantly reduces wait times for customers. This allows us to serve more customers quickly and efficiently, improving overall customer satisfaction.”

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Security benefits of ID scanning

The mere presence of an ID scanner a the door or entrance can decrease crime in or around your bar/club up to 54%.

Criminals and troublemakers hate ID scanning because it forces them to identify themselves and creates a record of which venues they visit!

  • Timestamped visit history
  • Shared Banned lists
  • Photo history of guests
  • Email, SMS alerting
  • Add incident, guest notes
  • Send data to your ERP

Below are a few of our customers’ favorite ID checkers.

Al's on 7th Nightclub Logo

Learn how an Alabama nightclub keeps minors out, improves security, and meets compliance requirements using VeriScan.

line outside nightclub - Al's on 7th
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ID scanning as an affirmative defense

Many US states offer affirmative defense for ID scanning (“electronic scan” or “digital scan”), which means that your bar or nightclub cannot be held liable for sales to an underage patron when you use an ID scanner with age verification software.

US map showing the states which offer affirmative defense for ID scanning
ID scanning for bars - tequila shots

Need help choosing an ID scanner or age verification system for your bar?

Our team has worked with more than 3,000 age restricted venues – including bars, nightclubs, gentleman’s clubs, venues, and festivals – to select the best ID scanners and age verification for bars to support their business needs.