Remote ID Validation

Our digital identity verification solutions offer remote ID validation that can, in seconds, assess the legitimacy and validity of any US or global identity document.

Supported Document Types

Through our network of partners we are able to remotely verify more than 10,700 identity documents including all passports, all drivers licenses and government-issued IDs, and many additional document types.

Our remote ID validation is designed to allow you to streamline digital account opening and KYC processes for the largest base of global consumers possible.

Remote ID Validation

The has a robust library of drivers’ licenses, passports, and government IDs to ensure that the ID is formatted correctly. We start by using optical character recognition to read the data on the front of the ID, and match the ID format against our AI-powered validation engine.

We then parse the back of the identity document (or read the MRZ in the case of passports) and perform a barcode security check that checks to ensure the barcode is sized and formatted correctly. On average, our API performs 75+ algorithmic checks on the barcode at this stage.

Front Back Match’s digital identity verification engine compares the data stored inside the symbology to the plaintext data on the front of the ID, as many low quality fake IDs do not bother to match the data on each side.

Front/back matching provides an even higher degree of confidence in the ID’s legitimacy near-instantaneously.

Address Validation (US-only)

At the same time, our platform queries a public record database to perform address validation. The system confirms two things: that the address on the ID is legitimate and matches a known address in that state, and that there is a record of that individual attached to the address on their ID. A null result during the address validation stage can indicate that the ID is fraudulent.

Public Records Checks (IdentiFraud)

When you need the highest level of anti-fraud security, we recommend layering on additional third party checks. We offer an IdentiFraud check which queries a variety of public record sources, including the US Social Security Administration.

IdentiFraud helps lower risk by matching fields on the ID to known records, and can dramatically reduce your risk with each customer. It is available in all 50 US states.

DMV Data Verification

Our DMV API allows a call to the Department of Motor Vehicles for 41/50 US states. This call can confirm that the ID was issued by their jurisdiction, and provide a match for data on the ID.

Learn more about the DMV API >>

Digital Identity Verification API

Easily integrate our digital identity verification API into your onboarding or checkout workflow. The DIVE API walks customers through the process of remote ID validation, identity proofing via guided selfie check, and can verify remotely in <30 seconds. 

Perfect for social media or application age verification, and confirming customer age before online checkout on sale of age restricted products.

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We offer best-in-class remote ID validation that will help you accurately read IDs inside your application or web page.