Third party identity checks

Add on queries to third party databases such as the DMV, Sex Offender Registry, OFAC and PEP lists, and private fraud-risk tools such as IdentiFraud. Available inside VeriScan and via our Digital Identity Verification Engine (DIVE) product.

Available third party data sources

IDScan.net is capable of querying a wide variety of databases to provide the most in-depth identity proofing of every individual with whom you do business.

DMV Database Checks

Check customer identity against DMV databases in all available states to confirm whether an ID was issued by the jurisdiction on the document.

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Criminal Background Checks

Check court records, incarceration records, parole and probation documents, and arrest data in all 50 states.

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US Postal Service Address Checks

Check against the USPS address database to confirm whether the address on the identity document matches known residences for the individual.

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Sex Offender Registry Checks

For schools and non-profits, you may want to check identity against the 50-state Sex Offender Registry.

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Social Security Administration Checks

Query the US Social Security Administration to confirm age, identity, and more.

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Office of Foreign Asset Control Checks

Meet KYC/AML standards by checking against the OFAC list of potential money launderers.

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Politically Exposed Persons Checks

Check against the Every Politician list to assess the risk profile of potential customers and meet KYC/AML standards.

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EU Sanctions Lists

Check against realtime lists of individuals who have been sanctioned due to ongoing political crises.

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Looking to integrate custom lists or other data sources?

Simply scan an ID, initiate the check, and our API will search for matches on a variety of databases. Results are returned in less than 5 seconds.