Scan IDs, Detect Fakes with VeriScan

VeriScan is powerful age verification and visitor management software. Scan IDs, drivers licenses, and passports, integrate with fake ID detection hardware, log visits, and better manage your customers across multiple locations.

screenshot of veriscan software and a handheld ID scanner
VeriScan ID scanning software

Best-in-class age verification and visitor management software

VeriScan is a visitor management tool with built in age verification and fake ID detection software. It can be used to scan IDs, verify age (18, 21, etc.), create visitor profiles, and check against existing lists such as banned or VIP.

Fake ID Detection / ID Authentication icon

Catch fake IDs

Use ID authentication to detect up to 95% of fake IDs.

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Verify age

Check customer age against today’s date with the scan of each ID.

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Manage banned lists

Keep track of your banned list and troublemaking patrons with ease.

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Track visitors

Every ID scanned creates or updates a visitor profile for tracking and audit logs.