id scanning developer tools for .net operating systems
E-seek m280 ID scanner

ID scanning & identity verification tools for .NET

Our easy-to-use ID scanning and ID parsing developer tools make it easy to integrate identity verification into your .NET applications.

ID parsing for .NET

ID parsing allows you to connect to an ID scanning device to quickly and accurately ingest data from the ID.

ID scanning hardware

Scan the identity document

We offer a wide variety of drivers license and passport scanners which are compatible with .Net applications, providing flexibility in your hardware options.

Back of a colorado drivers license

Translate ID barcode into raw data

The .NET SDK will automatically read the PDF417 barcode or passport MRZ.

raw code on a black screen

Import raw barcode data

The fields inside the barcode are converted to a JSON file that can be easily added to your database or application.

ID scanning for .NET

Readable fields from an ID

The following are a list of available fields, which can be scanned and parsed from commonly issued drivers’ licenses and state-issued IDs.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Middle name / middle initial
  • Street address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code
  • Country
  • Issue date
  • Date of birth
  • Age
  • Hair color
  • Eye color
  • Height
  • Weight
  • License class / type
  • Expiration date
  • ID number

.NET developer resources

Our solutions are designed to be developer-friendly, to help you stand up your solution quickly and easily.

.NET Documentation

Our documentation provides detailed instructions on how to utilize our SDKs and APIs inside a .NET framework.

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Demo our ID parsing

Live test our ID scanning and parsing technology on your computer (you’ll need an ID scanner installed).

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Download and begin testing our .Net ID parsing SDKs.


ID authentication

Integrate ID authentication, paired with specialty hardware, to catch the highest percentage of fake IDs and confirm ID legitimacy with up to 95% accuracy.

  • Ultraviolet/infrared light scanning
  • Hologram checks
  • Front / back matching
  • Watermark checks
  • 2D barcode security checks
ID authentication animation

.NET SDK and developer tool FAQ

What types of IDs and passports can be parsed using these tools?

This SDK works for all North American government-issued IDs including the US, Canada, and Mexico. It also scans all global passports.

Can I used this SDK inside a web-based application?

For web-based applications we recommend using our digital identity verification engine (DIVE), which is an API product and better suited to web-based use cases. The .NET SDKs are for use in on-prem or standalone solutions.

Can the .NET SDK be used on images of IDs?

No. The .NET tools require the use of an ID scanning device. ID scanning hardware can typically detect when a copy of an ID is scanned, and copies may be too flimsy for motorized drop-in scanners. If you are scanning copies or images of IDs our DIVE API product will be a much better fit.

What is the difference between ID parsing and ID authentication?

ID parsing simply reads the fields stored in the barcode of the ID or MRZ on the passport. It is not confirming legitimacy of the document. ID authentication parses the document, but also performs hundreds of algorithmic checks to catch 95% of fake IDs.

What hardware do I need to integrate with?

We offer a wide variety of ID scanner options which are compatible with .NET.

Does this SDK use optical character recognition (OCR)?

No. Our .Net tools read the data stored inside the 2D barcode. The only time OCR is used is for front / back matching during ID authentication.

Can you take a picture of the scanned ID?

No. This tool only reads the barcodes of IDs and does not capture images.

Can the .NET SDK scan digital IDs?

No. The SDK can only work with physical identity documents at this time.

Identity verification developer tools

We offer a full library of ID parsing and ID scanning SDKs and APIs for all commonly used operating systems and platforms. Our team of integration experts can help ensure you select the right tools for your identity proofing needs.

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ID & passport scanning

Learn more about ID parsing and turning data from a scanned ID into raw text strings.

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ID authentication

Take your ID scanning to the next level with ultraviolet and infrared forensic document analysis.

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Digital Identity Verification Engine (DIVE)

Web-based remote identity proofing including ID validation, face match, and third party checks.

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ID scanning SDK

Integrate ID scanning into your .NET application

Our ID scanning for .NET and Windows-based developer tools will provide everything you need to integrate ID and passport parsing into your software or solution.

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