Passport Scanning

Scan and parse the digital data from machine readable zones (MRZ) found on passports and national ID cards

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How Passport Scanning Works’s passport scanning tools leverages the power of mobile cameras.

Scanning Passports

Our Passport Scanning SDK can be used to scan passport MRZs using a mobile device. Or you can use a pre-configured scanner, such as the AT10K or Falcon which already contains hardware and software to scan MRZs.

ID Parsing SDK

Parse the fields

Fields contained in the MRZ can then be parsed into your application. This reduces manpower spent typing fields manually, and reduces error since all fields are imported directly from the official government document.

Passport Scanning SDKs

Are you working on a native application that requires you to scan passports?

You can turn any Android or iOS mobile device (phone/tablet) into a scanner with the ability to read and parse MRZs.

Reach out to our developer advocacy team, or test our our SDKs below. We offer the most flexible, lightweight, and affordable ID and passport scanning developer tools in the industry.

Visit our Passport Scanning SDK documentation

Readable Fields From An Passport MRZ

The following are a list of available fields, which can be scanned and parsed from passport MRZs.

First Name
Last Name
Middle Name / Middle Initial
Date of Birth
Passport Number
Country of Issue
Expiration Date

Frequently Asked Questions

How does scanning a passport work?

You may have noticed an odd string of characters on the bottom of your passport that includes many “<.” this is known as a machine readable zone (mrz) and it actually contains data that can be read by passport scanner. includes your name, nationality, date of birth, other identifiable information, set the icao standards. using scanning sdk, information also camera on mobile device.

What is the difference between MRZ and RFID?

MRZ is a data storage format (or symbology for the ID nerds) that is completely text based. It can be decoded by hand if you know the text shortcuts for each piece of data. RFID is a chip that is embedded in the cover of a passport that contains far more data and can also store images. RFID chips can only be read by RFID scanners, and must be within a few inches of the document. Roughly 120 countries currently use RFID, while all countries use MRZ.

Which countries’ passports can be scanned?

All recognized countries use MRZ on their passports and national ID cards.

What type of camera is needed?

It is recommended that you use a camera at least 5 Megapixels.

Request A Demo

Our ID scanning experts would be happy to give you a demo of our off-the-shelf solutions and customizable SDKs.

Scan passports remotely

Easily integrate our digital identity verification API into your application or website to fully automate age verification and identity confirmation. The DIVE API is capable of scanning passports and provides additional tools like anti-spoofing face match, layered address checks, and social security administration verification.