police id scanner being used during a traffic stop
Panasonic N1 handheld ID scanner scanning the back of a drivers license

Police ID scanner

A drivers license scanner for law enforcement can streamline incident report creation, and automatically collect citizen data from the scan of an ID.

law enforcement and police customer seals
ID scanning for law enforcement

Automatically collect ID data to streamline paperwork and confirm identity

back of a drivers license icon

Catch fake IDs

2D barcode security checks look for signs an ID is fake.

ID scanning for law enforcement

Handheld scanners

Portable ID scanners can be hand-carried or mounted in cruisers.

Background checks

Instantly run background checks to gain insight on individuals

Data automation icon

Autopopulate forms

Save time by parsing 100% accurate data directly into forms, software.

DMV Data Verification Icon

DMV checks

Query an individual against the DMV database for their state.

Fines and fees icon

Pre-fill tickets

Auto-fill traffic tickets with personal info from the scanned ID.