ID scanning at a retail wine store
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ID scanning for retail

Fight return fraud, chargeback fraud, BOPIS fraud, and verify customer age with ID scanning for retail stores

Retail ID scanning

Flexible ID scanning solutions to protect physical and digital retailers from fraud

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Catch fake IDs

Use ID authentication to detect up to 95% of fake IDs.

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Sell age restricted products

Verify customer age before selling alcohol, tobacco, and other adult items

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Streamline checkout

ID scanning adds a level of trust to your checkout and purchasing experience.

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Secure eCommerce purchasing

Verify identity on the frontend to reduce BOPIS and delivery fraud.

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Lift enrollment

Use ID parsing to make enrollment into loyalty programs fast and easy.

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Use our APIs or SDKs to add ID scanning to your retail applications.

Retail industry fraud

Losses in the retail industry are having a material impact on our economy. Our ID scanning solutions are designed to help reduce theft and fraud.

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According to the National Retail Foundation, 10% of the $816B in products that consumers returned in 2022 was fraudulent.

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Percentage of BOPIS transactions that are potentially fraudulent.

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Merchants are expected to pay more than $100B in chargebacks in 2023.


ID scanning for return fraud prevention

Stop return fraud in its tracks by requiring ID scanning at the point of return. The mere presence of an ID scanner is often enough to deter criminals.

  • Share data across all stores
  • Empower store managers and loss prevention teams
  • Timestamp each return and create a Return History for each customer
  • Track prolific fraudsters
  • Query customer information against third party databases
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Benefits of ID scanning for retailers

Retailers can deter and detect multiple types of fraud, and stay compliant with age verification laws.

Eliminate typos

Clean, accurate customer data is parsed into your system directly from the scanned ID, every time.

Age checker

Instantly determine if the guest is of age, and whether their ID is legitimate, with a simple ID scan.


Many states now require digital or electronic ID scanning for age restricted purchases.

Vendor management

Scan vendor drivers licenses to ensure your deliveries are accurate and timely, and prevent theft.


Age verification

If you sell tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, or other age-restricted products, our age verification software can help you stay compliant and prevent underage sales.

Simply scan the ID and check the individual’s information instantly. Take the guesswork out of age verification.

  • Comply with state regulations
  • Ban visitors with ease
  • Take advantage of affirmative defense laws in 13 states
  • Detect 50-95% of fake IDs
  • Export historical logs
age verification for retailers with a little boy in a wine shop
map of return fraud incidents at New Orleans area Rouses Markets

Learn more about how regional grocery retailer, Rouses Market, uses ID scanning technology to better track and deter return fraud in the grocery sector.

GameStop leverages the IDScan.net developer tools to prevent fraud in their TradeIn Program.

Las Vegas Strip store

Major resort & casino brand on the Las Vegas strip uses fleet of handheld ID scanners to stay compliant with new age verification laws for the sale of tobacco products.

ID scanning for high end retail

Learn more about our AI-powered fraud protection and ID scanning for retail businesses

Our team has worked with thousands of retailers nationwide to help them reduce fraud, verify age, and provide an exceptional customer experience.