Casino Banned & Self Exclusion Lists

Links to lists and resources in all 50 states

As a casino or gaming operator, you are likely beholden to laws and regulations that prevent you from serving individuals who have been banned, or chosen self-exclusion, from casinos. However, the landscape of banned and exclusion lists is complex and fragmented. It can be difficult to determine who you are legally obligated to provide winnings to, and who can safely be allowed in your casino. 

As an emphasis on responsible gaming increases and federal and state monies are levied to combat gambling addiction, use of exclusion lists inside visitor management systems should become the norm for casinos looking to responsibly monitor potential patrons who for any reason should not be allowed to gamble. 

We’ve gathered links to banned/self-exclusion documentation for all 50 states, and a variety of tribal entities, as well as some individual casinos. The goal is to provide a single place where you can browse requirements and suggested compliance for all 50 U.S. states. 

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