iPhone scanning and parsing an ID using the camera

ID scanning & identity verification tools for iOS

Our easy-to-use ID scanning and ID parsing developer tools make it easy to integrate identity verification into iOS applications.

ID scanning & parsing for iOS

Our easy-to-use SDKs and APIs for iOS are used by thousands of developers to add ID scanning and identity verification to their applications.

Screenshot of the Scandit app scanning an ID

Scan the ID or passport

Our camera scanning SDK turns the iPhone or iPad camera into an ID scanner, making it capable of automatically reading identity documents.

Screenshot of the VeriScan app scanning an ID

Parse the ID or passport

Our parsing tools convert the scanned ID barcode or passport MRZ into raw data – from symbol into a digestible text string.

raw code on a black screen

Barcode data is ready to use

Send the text fields and scan response directly into your iOS app to populate data and confirm identity.