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Texas, Arizona, New Mexico lead the US for catching Fake IDs, IDScan.net’s 2024 Report reveals

IDScan.net releases its Fake ID 2024 report, compiling proprietary data of 150,000,000 identities. Some of the results are shocking!

Technology’s role in outsmarting the rise of AI-generated fake IDs

The production of fake IDs is a big business. At IDScan.net, we have been exposed to hundreds of thousands of sophisticated fake documents.

What the hospitality industry needs to know about digital identities and the rise in fake IDs

In the hospitality industry’s ongoing battle against fake ID fraud, technology plays a dual role. One is used for bad, while the other good.

How ID Verification Can Combat Cargo Theft

Where cannabis and medical marijuana are legal this 4/20

IDScan.net continues rapid hiring amid global expansion of identity verification market

After growing over 18% in 2023, IDScan.net has continued to expand its workforce. Since Jan. 1, 2024, seven new team members have joined.

Deepfakes are coming for the financial sector

The Wall Street Journal covers financial companies using photos or audio to verify customers’ identities are preparing for bad actors gaming the system with generative AI

The role and responsibility of ID verification in the automotive industry

The automotive industry is currently navigating through the complexities of digitalization and the escalating challenge of identity fraud.

VeriScan ID verification platform adds face matching, knowledge-based authentication

VeriScan has launched two new product advancements to help improve the resilience of the platform against evolving fraudulent activities.