ID scanners for dispensaries

Prevent underage sales by catching 95% of fake IDs and complying with all state PII and data retention regulations.

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Individual whose ID is scanned by a dispensary
VeriScan for cannabis dispensaries

We power ID scanning, age verification, and fake ID detection for more than 1,000 dispensaries

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Catch fake IDs

Use ID authentication to detect up to 95% of fake IDs.

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Streamline purchasing

Automate creation of the bill of sale quickly and efficiently.

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Integrate your POS

Sync data from the scanned ID into Dutchie, Sweed, and other cannabis industry software.

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Stay compliant

Manage PII settings to comply with state and federal privacy laws.

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Stop looping

Easily flag customers trying to overbuy or circumvent daily maximum laws.

Vend responsibly

Sell cannabis inside vending machines or lockers with embedded age verification.