ID scanners for dispensaries

Prevent underage sales by catching 95% of fake IDs and complying with all state PII and data retention regulations.

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VeriScan for cannabis dispensaries

We power ID scanning, age verification, and fake ID detection for more than 1,000 dispensaries

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Catch fake IDs

Use ID authentication to detect up to 95% of fake IDs.

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Streamline purchasing

Automate creation of the bill of sale quickly and efficiently.

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Integrate your POS

Sync data from the scanned ID into Dutchie, Sweed, and other cannabis industry software.

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Stay compliant

Manage PII settings to comply with state and federal privacy laws.

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Stop looping

Easily flag customers trying to overbuy or circumvent daily maximum laws.

Vend responsibly

Sell cannabis inside vending machines or lockers with embedded age verification.

Cannabis dispensaries

Age verification

Simply use our dispensary ID scanner and VeriScan instantly alerts you if the ID is suspicious, expired, or your guest is under 21.

  • Checks age of guest
  • Checks ID expiration
  • 2D barcode security
  • “Tell” checks
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Fake ID usage at dispensaries

As many as 2-5% of IDs at busy dispensaries are potentially fraudulent. This represents a disastrous compliance risk if proper measures to detect fakes and prevent underage sales are not taken.

Benefits of ID scanning for cannabis dispensaries

VeriScan leverages the power of the ID to help dispensaries verify age, sync rich, accurate data into your POS system, and stay compliant with state regulations.

Verify age

VeriScan will instantly alert your budtender or security if a guest is under 21.

Catch fakes

Our handheld scanners perform algorithmic checks on each ID to detect 50% of fakes.

Catch more fakes

ID authentication and specialty hardware can detect up to 95% of fake IDs.

IDs & passports

Accept both drivers licenses and passports when verifying customer age.


Comprehensive PII retention settings allow for full data flush to comply with privacy laws.

Data settings

Audit trails and visitor history are easily accessed, with 100% accurate information.

Image capture

Attach a photo of the ID, or a cropped ID photo directly to the customer profile inside VeriScan.

Visitor logs

Each scanned ID initiates a visit, which can be logged, tracked, and exported at any time.

Track maximums

Associate purchases to each ID scan, keeping you and your customers compliant with consumption laws.


Sync customer visitor and purchase history between multiple locations to prevent looping.

Deter troublemakers

The mere presence of an ID scanner is often enough to scare off fraudsters and thieves.

Improve security

Timestamped entries will make it easy for your security team to follow up on incidents.

POS sync

Send data from a scanned ID directly to your POS or Track and Trace software.

Scan MMJ cards

Scan medical marijuana cards as easily as a drivers license or passport.

Sync scans

Send scans, history, and customer profiles between all your locations and check-in stations.

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Cannabis dispensaries

ID authentication

Sophisticated fake IDs can be undetectable to the naked eye. Catch up to 95% of fake IDs using ID authentication.

  • UV/infrared light checks
  • Hologram checks
  • Watermark checks
  • 2D barcode security
  • 6-image capture
  • Front & back matching

Available POS integrations

While our ID scanners for dispensaries are powerfully effective on their own, we have also partnered with best-in-class dispensary POS software for integrated ID scanning.

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Our Dutchie integration includes data sync directly into your queue and robust PII and privacy settings

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Sweed integrates ID scanning with data sync to the Sweed POS system.

Our most advanced POS integration includes image capture, data sync, PII settings, and optional ID authentication.

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Send data from IDs scanned using VeriScan directly into Flowhub.

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Coming soon!

Looking to integrate ID scanning into your cannabis industry software?

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ID scanning compliance for dispensaries

For states like Illinois, which do not allow any information to be saved from a scanned ID, we offer immediate data purge.

For states like Montana, which have time limits on retained data, or states like New Jersey, which allow only certain fields to be retained, you’ll be able to choose a custom policy for each field.

For states with no regulations, you’ll be able to send rich, accurate customer data directly into your POS system, allowing you to capture customer names, addresses, and more.

Cannabis dispensaries

MMJ card scanning

Scan and parse data from medical marijuana cards from 19 states, representing more than 4.8M medical cannabis patients.

Data is parsed directly into VeriScan in the same method as a typical ID.

US map showing states with MMJ cards that can be scanned with VeriScan
Entrance and ID scanning queue at Planet 13 cannabis dispensary
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Learn more about how the world’s largest cannabis dispensary uses VeriScan for age verification, compliance, and streamlined sales.

Age verification

eCommerce & delivery

Digital identity verification allows for remote ID validation with a face match selfie.

The process takes less than 30 seconds and ensures guests purchasing cannabis products remotely are of legal age.

Customer information can be synced to the delivery manifest and purchase record.

age verification for ecommerce and delivery
id scanning inside cannabis dispensary

Need help choosing the right ID scanner for your dispensary?

Whether you’re a high traffic MSO, a small dispensary looking to stay compliant, or a cannabis delivery service, we have cannabis dispensary ID scanning experts who can recommend a solution to fit your needs.

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