Meet Kinksters uses DIVE liveness checks to help prevent catfishing

Identity proofing for online dating with MeetKinksters
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The search for love has now embraced the digital realm. This has transformed how we connect and create new opportunities for relationships that might never have existed otherwise. While we often just accept that every swipe and message may carry its risks—scams, fraud, and the infamous ‘catfishing’—these concerns are outweighed by the vast potential for love. Therefore, embracing digital romance comes with a compromise: acknowledging these dangers whilst simultaneously engaging in a collective effort to mitigate them. This not only changes the narrative around online dating but also enriches the experience, ensuring that the journey toward finding love remains both safe and hopeful.

Digital identity verification for online dating sites

At, we are leaders in AI-powered identity verification technology, and we are proud to collaborate with platforms like Meet Kinksters, a unique player in the US dating app scene, to address these risks head-on. Meet Kinksters, as described by its founder, Brad Jones, is “tackling the loneliness epidemic by empowering people to form relationships that are both romantically and sexually compatible.” This ethos addresses a significant gap in the online dating world, where sexual discordance is a leading reason for relationship failure.

Unfortunately, the dating industry often falls short in prioritizing user safety. As Jones points out, “The ‘Big Dating’ incumbents care more about keeping users on the swipe-culture hamster wheel than facilitating meaningful relationships.” This perspective is what drives Meet Kinksters to challenge industry norms through tools such as’s DIVE. We scan and analyze millions of IDs, providing layers of fake ID detection crucial for the safety of online daters. 

Liveness checks to prevent catfishing

Jones highlights the importance of rigorous identity verification.

“We require all users to complete a free ‘liveness‘ check on registration ensuring there’s a real person behind the screen. This has proven a significant deterrent to spam and fraudulent profiles -scammers don’t like taking selfies.”

Brad Jones, CEO at MeetKinksters

Such measures are not just about compliance, they are about respecting the user’s right to make informed choices and deterring fraudulent profiles, setting a new standard for safety in online dating.

Despite this, challenges persist, particularly in the form of age gating and the shockingly poor standards for online experiences for minors. “Online safety is a rapidly evolving issue, and we believe a competitive market will yield better results for consumers than bureaucratic mandates.” Jones states. This gap in regulation leaves a void that platforms like Meet Kinksters strive to fill through their rigorous verification processes, which also include checks against public sex offender registries and ensuring age authenticity.

Safety in online dating

However, we must acknowledge that technology alone cannot solve all problems. We understand that no dating platform can guarantee absolute safety, but it’s still important to provide the tools and education to help users navigate online dating safely. As Jones states, “Consumers should always stay alert to romance scams and trust their instincts.”

As we approach Valentine’s Day, a peak season for online dating, our collaboration serves as a reminder of the importance of safety and authenticity in the digital age. With IDScan’s technology and Meet Kinksters’ forward-thinking approach, we are setting new standards in the dating app industry. It’s not just about swipes and matches, but about creating a safe environment for genuine and authentic connections in the digital era.