Face Matching

Cutting edge face matching technology that matches in-person faces to images on an ID using facial recognition.

How Face Matching Works

Facial recognition SDK for .net

First, scan the customer’s ID. Then, using a webcam or mobile device, take a well-lit image of the customer’s face. Our algorithm can determine whether the ID and the individual are a match, or not.

Like everything we develop, our facial recognition solutions are hardware agnostic. You can use any camera, including a security camera or webcam, to match faces.

Benefits of using facial recognition technology

Improve security, save time, and have complete confidence in your customers’ identity with innovative facial matching solutions

anti spoofing face recognition

Access Control

Face matching software can be used to control access to secure areas such as buildings, data centers, and financial institutions. This can help prevent unauthorized entry and enhance physical security.

Face Matching To Improve Security

Crime Prevention and Investigation

Law enforcement agencies can use face matching software to identify suspects against databases of known criminals.

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Enhanced Customer Experience

Some businesses use face matching software to improve the customer experience by quickly identifying customers and providing personalized services or product recommendations.

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Time Saving

Face matching software can quickly and accurately identify people, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual identification processes.

Where Face Matching is Available

Our proprietary face recognition technology is integrated into all of our identity verification solutions

Face Matching Features

Our face match technology is robust, yet flexible, to meet the unique needs of our customers

Facial auto-focus – software automatically finds human faces
Face A to Face B comparison – use webcam, selfie, or ID photo
Facial points mapping to create unique face templates
Unlimited template storage
Custom match thresholds/confidence variables
Demographic detection (age, gender, ethnicity)
Emotion detection (joy, surprise, anger, etc.)
Integrated anti-spoofing
Optional liveness checks
Available via API
Available via SDK (.Net, Java, Android)
Works with mobile device cameras (iOS, Android)
Match results in under 3 seconds
Highest standards of data security and privacy
Scale pricing options
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Face Matching To Improve Security

Key Use Cases for Face Matching

There are a wide variety of uses for facial recognition technology.

Visitor Management

Face match ensures that visitors are presenting their own valid ID by matching the ID photo to the human face present in person.

Improve Venue Security

Face match can match visitor faces against your database of facial templates, alerting you if banned patrons are attempting to fraudulently gain access.

Confirm Identity Remotely

If you are onboarding a customer, or verifying identity via mobile device, you’ll need a way to match the user to their ID photo.

Face recognition using a selfie can instantly tell you whether the person attempting online registration is the ID holder.

Unattended Retail

For dispensing age restricted product without an attendant, face recognition can confirm the ID matches the present individual.

In this instance, face match performs the same role as a bartender, budtender, or attendant.

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The Latest Facial Recognition News

The latest updates related to face matching and other biometrics

Implement Facial Recognition

Truly know that your customers are who they say they are with our face match tools.

Match to ID photos

Turn basic ID scanning into deep identity verification

Enhance security

Our face match tools include proprietary anti-spoofing flows.

Prevent crime

Facial recognition deters fraudsters from making you a target.

Vend Age Restricted Products

Verify age without an attendant present