Face matching technology

Cutting edge face matching that matches selfies and webcam photos to images on IDs using facial recognition software.

Face matching technology being used on a mobile device

How face matching software works

First, scan the customer’s ID. Then, using a webcam or mobile device, take a well-lit image of the customer’s face. Our algorithm can determine whether the ID and the individual are a match, or not.

Woman's face being compared successfully to the photo on her ID

Customer’s ID photo creates face template

Our face matching technology automatically finds the photo on the ID and creates a multi-point template based on the individual’s facial features.

Man's face being matched successful to his ID photo

Customer face is compared to ID photo

Using a front-facing selfie, or a connected webcam, the customer is guided through a short selfie video while the software compares their face to the facial template created from the ID photo.