Data automation

Eliminate typos by parsing data directly from a scanned ID into your Windows or cloud-based software. 100% accurate information with every scan.

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ID scanner populating data automatically
WizzForms Data Automation Software

Parse information such as name, date of birth, and ID number, directly from a scanned ID

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Autopopulate forms

Save manhours by pre-filling forms with fields from the ID or passport.

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Integrate your software

Sync ID data to your desktop or cloud-based software.

Eliminate typos

100% accurate data flows directly from a government-issued ID into your system.

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Flag fake IDs

Catch fake IDs upon scan and avoid fraud and theft attempts.

WizzForms Data Automation Software

Tiers & pricing



Per device

+ $96/year


Scan all North American IDs

Scan global passports

Send data directly from the scanned ID into your Windows or cloud-based software



Per device

+ $96/year

Includes Basic, plus:

Capture ID images

Capture cropped ID photos



Per device

+ $258/year

Includes Plus, plus:

Scan global identity documents (drivers licenses, visas, etc.)

*Requires use of Regula 7017 scanner



Per device

+ $258/year

Includes Plus, plus:

Ultraviolet light scanning

Infrared light scanning

Hologram checks

Watermark checks

Catch 95% of fake IDs

WizzForms complete features list
ID scanning & age verification
Scan North American drivers licenses
Scan global passports
Scan non-US drivers licenses
Verify age with ID or passport scan
Verify ID expiration date
*Requires specialty hardware
Identity verification
Integrate third party checks (DMV, Criminal Background, etc)
2D barcode security checks
Ultraviolet, infrared, and white light ID examination
Detect 95% of fake IDs
*Requires specialty hardware
Automatic form filling
Automatic data entry profiles
Create CSV visit log
COM port output
Flexibility for multiple data-entry workflows
Automatically select a data-entry profile based on window name
Capture and view ID images on your device
Save images to a network drive
Capture face image from ID
Capture signature image from ID
Supported operating systems
Windows 10, Windows 11*
Windows 10, Windows 11*
Windows 10, Windows 11*
Windows 10, Windows 11*
Scan offline without internet access
Launch automatically on startup
Secure your settings with an Admin PIN
*Other Windows operating systems may be compatible but are not supported. Learn why.
Data automation

What fields can be parsed from a scanned ID?

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Middle name / middle initial
  • Street address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code
  • Country
  • Issue date
  • Date of birth
  • Age
  • Hair color
  • Eye color
  • Height
  • Weight
  • License type / class
  • Expiration date
  • ID number
New York sample drivers license
Data automation

What fields can be parsed from a scanned passport?

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Middle name / middle initial
  • Date of Birth
  • Document Type
  • Issuing Country
  • Nationality
  • Passport Number
  • Passport Expiration Date
Sample global passport

Benefits of data automation through ID scanning

Populate forms and software with 100% accuracy by eliminating typos and other costly mistakes.

Increase take rate

Boost enrollment and loyalty by eliminating barriers to sign up such as lengthy paperwork.

Speed up check-in

Streamline and simplify enrollment, sign-up, and registration by eliminating manual data entry.

Sync to any software

WizzForms integrates easily into any software platform – Windows or cloud-based.

Eliminate typos

Clean, accurate data from the ID populates into your software – no typos or fat fingers.

Data automation

For hotel check-in

Examination and photocopy of a guest’s ID is standard at hotel check-in. With WizzForms you can instantly scan the guest’s ID, sync data into your check-in and reservation system, and save an image of the customer. Our software is compatible with all commonly-used PMS platforms.

Point of rental ID scanning bundle with IDScan.net
Data automation

For rental companies

Through our partners at Point of Rental, Alert Rental, and IntegraSoft, we provide data automation that streamlines the rental application process, allowing you to scan an ID, parse customer data from the ID, and capture an image of the ID, in less than ten seconds.

This information syncs directly into the rental software and helps create an accurate, typo-free record of each rental.

Data automation

For scrap metal and recycling centers

Most scrap metal and recycling center regulations require that information on each seller be retained. With WizzForms you can eliminate manual paperwork by scanning an ID, verifying their age and right to utilize your facility, and syncing key information into your tracking system.

Individual in an orange vest at a scrap metal recycling facility

See how Chattanooga’s recycling centers streamlined verification and improved frequency monitoring with ID scanning and data automation.

Data automation FAQ

Which scanners are compatible with WizzForms data automation?

All Desktop (Windows-compatible) ID scanners are compatible with WizzForms data automation. The E-Seek M260, E-Seek M280, and Thales CR5400 are among the most commonly used.

Do you have a sample profile for Choice Advantage?

Yes. Right click the links below and choose “Save As.”

Which applications is WizzForms compatible with?

We have compatibility with most Windows-based applications. Many systems in gaming such as Agilysys, Bally’s, Everi, Light & Wonder, and Aristocrat. Many PMS and hospitality programs such as Cloudbeds, Oasis. As well as commonly used programs like Excel, Access, Outlook, and QuickBooks.

Can you scan and parse global identity documents with WizzForms?

Using WizzForms global and a Regula 7017 flatbed ID scanner you can scan and parse global documents such as drivers licenses, residency cards, and more.

Do you have a sample profile for Aristocrat Oasis 360?

Yes. Right click the link below and choose “Save As.”

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How long does WizzForms take to install?

Our Customer Support team will work alongside you to set up the system and ensure that it works seamlessly with your chosen software.

Automate data using ID scanning

Use WizzForms to parse data from an ID or passport and send it directly into your software or form, ensuring 100% accurate data every time.

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