ID scanner for car dealerships

A drivers license scanner can reduce the risk of loan fraud, test drive fraud, and help keep your car dealership compliant.

ID scanning for car dealerships
VeriScan for Automotive

Fight fraud and streamline compliance using ID scanning

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Stay Safeguard compliant

Meet federal KYC and data privacy requirements under the Safeguard Act.

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Prevent test drive fraud

Record each customer visit before handing over the keys for a test drive.

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Integrate your DMS

Sync data from the scanned ID into your DMS or CRM using webhooks or API.

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Add DMV checks

Query each customer against the state DMV database to ensure their identity is legitimate.

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Catch fake IDs

Use ID authentication to detect up to 95% of fake IDs.

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Reduce identity fraud

Catch fraudsters using an illegitimate ID and stop fraud at your dealership.

Automotive industry fraud risk

Car dealerships and automotive industry businesses are a target for fraudsters looking for opportunities to steal high value cargo, or take out fraudulent loans.

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Of car dealerships experienced an identity fraud related vehicle loss last year.

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Identity fraud related losses in the automotive industry in 2022.

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Of car dealerships experienced loan application fraud last year.

Remote ID verification using a mobile device

Digital identity verification

Protect yourself from loan fraud by digitally verifying customer identity before they ever arrive on the lot.

  • Initiate requests via SMS
  • Customer verifies using their phone camera
  • Optional identity check via selfie
  • Results returned in <1 minute
  • Add third party checks for increased security
  • View history inside portal

Track ID verifications from a central portal

Easily track all verification requests, their current status, and whether they have been flagged or not with DIVE for automotive dealerships.

Red Flag Rule

Stay compliant with ID verification

Ensure your customer verification for financing complies with FTC Red Flags Rule to prevent identity theft and protect your bottom line.

  • Set acceptable identification types
  • Verify identity with third party checks
Red Flag Laws at Automotive Dealerships

VeriScan for car dealerships

VeriScan is powerful, flexible ID scanning to help reduce fraud and theft for car dealerships, car rental agencies, and other automotive businesses.

Windows, iOS, Android platforms for VeriScan


Use VeriScan on iOS or Android for handheld ID scanning, use Windows for ID authentication, and sync scan history from all your devices.

VeriScan data privacy and retention settings

PII & Privacy Settings

Stay compliant with field-level data privacy settings that allow for data retention, or data flush, of every field on a scanned identity document.

Third party checks inside VeriScan

DMV Checks

Query the DMV database with our DMV API checks, or check against lists of known fraudsters with IdentiFraud checks.

ID authentication for car dealerships

ID authentication

Catch 95% of fake IDs using ultraviolet and infrared light examination of each identity document.

  • Infrared light scanning
  • Ultraviolet light scanning
  • Hologram library checks
  • Watermark library checks
  • ID template checks
  • Data format checks

Benefits of ID scanning for car dealerships

Smart auto dealerships are adding ID scanning and digital identity verification to their customer intake process.

Eliminate typos

Parse 100% accurate data into your dealer management system or CRM. Customer data is ingested cleanly, accurately, and with minimal typing.

Reduce fraud

The mere presence of an ID scanner is a fraud deterrent. Bad actors will choose other dealerships with less stringent security measures.

Streamline loan applications

Use ID parsed data to initiate credit checks or pre-fill information in your loan application system for a fast, seamless process.

Improved customer experience

Decrease wait times for test drives, service department, etc. with speedy customer intake.

Detailed reporting

Track demographic information such as age, gender, zip code for improved marketing efforts. Scan logs can be exported to .CSV.

Image capture

No more photocopies! VeriScan software automatically saves a high quality image of the ID or a cropped photo of the individual.

Manage lists

Create and manage lists such as Banned, Bad Credit, etc. and add notes to each customer profile to instantly provide context.

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US map of states with availability of DMV data verification

DMV data verification

Protect yourself from loan fraud by digitally verifying customer identity before they ever arrive on the lot.

We offer a flexible pricing schedule that allows you to pay only for the DMV data verification checks you use. Additionally, you can select which IDs trigger a query for risk escalation on high risk transactions.

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See how the world’s largest car dealership uses ID scanning to prevent test drive fraud.

ID scanners for car dealerships

Before turning over keys for a test drive, signing off on a purchase or rental agreement, or finalizing financing on a new car, it’s critical you know your customer’s true identity. 

ID scanning for car dealerships

Need help choosing an ID scanner for car dealerships?

Our team has worked with hundreds of automotive industry businesses to help them select the best drivers license scanners and dealership ID scanning software.

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