Automated data capture with ParseLink

Replace manual data entry with fast, accurate, and seamless data capture using powerfully intelligent form filling software with integrated ID scanning for Windows OS.

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Automated form fill software saves time and money by providing a frictionless way to capture information from a scanned ID

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No typos

Populate fields with 100% accuracy every single time.

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Seamless integration

ParseLink connects directly with your existing software.

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Speed up check-in

Simplify check-in, sign-up and registration processes by removing manual ID review.

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Increase take rate

Uplift enrollment in loyalty programs by making sign-up easy and seamless.

Tiers & pricing



Per device


Scan all North American IDs

Scan global passports

Send data directly from the scanned ID into your Windows or cloud-based software



Per device

Includes Basic, plus:

Ultraviolet light scanning

Infrared light scanning

Hologram checks

Watermark checks

Catch 95% of fake IDs

ParseLink complete features list
ID scanning & age verification
Scan North American drivers licenses
Scan global passports
Scan non-US drivers licenses
Verify age with ID or passport scan
Verify ID expiration date
*Requires specialty hardware
Identity verification
Integrate third party checks (DMV, Criminal Background, etc)
2D barcode security checks
Ultraviolet, infrared, and white light ID examination
Detect 95% of fake IDs
*Requires specialty hardware
Automatic form filling
Automatic data entry profiles
Create CSV visit log
COM port output
Flexibility for multiple data-entry workflows
Capture and view ID images on your device
Save images to a network drive
Capture face image from ID
Capture signature image from ID
Supported operating systems
Windows 10, Windows 11*
Windows 10,
Windows 11*
Scan offline without internet access
Launch automatically on startup
Secure your settings with an Admin PIN
*Other Windows operating systems may be compatible but are not supported. Learn why.
The instant notification and address validation allows us to operate much more efficiently.
Debi Mikel, Technical Information Manager
“We’ve been thrilled with the ability to quickly parse data directly from an ID. It has streamlined our collection of marketing data substantially.”
Project Director
“Our customers greatly value the ease of use of ParseLink software. They simply slide the ID into the scanner and the system does the rest.”
Director of Information Technology
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“Loyalty enrollment is fast and easy with ParseLink. The scanners sync directly into the IGT software.”
Project Director

ID parsing directly into your software or system

Advanced, proprietary ID parsing technology collects information from IDs, separates data by field, and makes data available to populate software and forms.

How does ID scanning perform data collection for parsing?

ID scanners use the 2D barcode (PDF417) or machine readable zone (MRZ) to read the personal information stored on the ID. This includes fields such as first name, last name, address, and date of birth. This information can be parsed into usable data strings, which can be mapped to fields within your software, CRM, or spreadsheet.

How does ParseLink reduce typos?

Some businesses have reported that as many as 10% of system errors and support tickets are caused by data entry mistakes (typos or “fat fingers”).

Scanning IDs, and using the information stored in the ID’s symbology, eliminates many of the manual, keyed fields which are typically populated by a front-desk attendant or check-in agent. Instead, your system will benefit from clean data, that matches the government-issued identity of your customer.

What is ParseLink?

ParseLink is a data capture and form auto-population software.

  • Government issued IDs & drivers’ licenses
  • US Military IDs
  • Gun permits
  • US & global passports

The information stored on the ID can be fed into a variety of software applications. ParseLink is compatible with any Windows computer. Setup is simple and intuitive and takes only 3-5 minutes with no programming skills required.

ParseLink is compatible with all Windows or cloud-based software systems. Below is a list of frequently integrated platforms.

Scan ID data directly into QuickBooks for accurate billing and reporting.

Better manage and track your rentals by scanning IDs with ParseLink.

Send customer data from a scanned ID into CasinoTrac software.

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Sync data from your entrances and IDs into your incident management tools.

Easily auto-fill fields inside law enforcement and police software.

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Parse data from scanned IDs inside your kiosks or gaming machines.

Scan IDs and easily populate fields inside an Excel spreadsheet.

Send data from a scanned ID directly into your hotel PMS or reservation system.

Need to find out if your system is compatible with our ID scanning tools?

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Send rich ID data directly into any software platform or application that runs on Windows.

  • Validate every ID
  • Enter data without typos
  • Scan global IDs
  • Parse barcode data
  • Save manhours
  • Authenticate IDs

ID authentication & fake ID detection

With compatible hardware, you can catch 95% of fake IDs and prevent data from fraudulent IDs from being parsed into your software.

  • Ultraviolet light scanning
  • Infrared light scanning
  • Template checks
  • Front / back crossmatch
  • Hologram library check
  • Watermark library checks
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Illinois sample driver's license

Image capture

Eliminate the need to make photocopies by automatically capturing an image of the guest’s ID and saving it to your software.

How does ParseLink save an image of the guest ID.

When paired with an image capable scanner (all ID authentication scanners as well as the Thales QS2000 and E-Seek M280 have this capability) ParseLink can be confirmed to save a full image of the ID as a .jpeg file. This can be especially useful in industries where making a photocopy of the ID is required.

Can I save a cropped photo from the ID instead of the full ID photo?

Yes. ParseLink can be confirmed to save only the small ID photo, rather than a .jpeg of the full ID.

Parse and ingest data from a scanned ID directly into your software.

Get in touch with our team of ID scanning experts to select the best software that fits your business needs.

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