Age Verification Solution: IDWare Age

Identify and stop underage and problem patrons at point-of-purchase or point-of-entry through powerful and affordable age verification and ID validation.

Age Verification Process

With the simple scan of any government-issued ID or passport, IDWare Age instantly and simultaneously verifies patron’s age, validates their ID, and captures their personal information to create or update a record in your VeriScan database.


Increased Compliance

Instantly learn the patron’s age and whether ID is valid to improve compliance with rules, regulations, laws, and standards.

Decreased Exposure

Spot and deter underage patrons at point-of-entry and block them from purchasing age-restricted products and services.

Improved Security

Mitigate risk to your establishment, staff, and other patrons by remembering and stopping previously banned patrons from entering your premises.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Decrease wait times and transaction times, classify guests as VIP, improve on-the-spot decision making, and collect valuable demographic information to spot trends in age, gender, and zip codes.


ID Validation

Validates all US, Canadian, and Mexican government-issued driver’s licenses and IDs, with passport options available.


Set custom minimum age based on laws, global regulatory requirements, and internal policies.


Tracks time ID was scanned to prove compliance and prevent pass backs.

Local Storage

All guest records are stored locally on the Windows computer or mobile device.

Built for Your Industry

Our Age Verification solution is ideal for bars, nightclubs, retailers, and other establishments that sell or provide age-restricted products or services.

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Practical Applications and Use Cases

Here are some common applications of our Age Verification scanners and technology.

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