McCluskey Automotive uses digital identity verification to protect against fraudsters

McCluskey auto dealership overhead photo

Usage of fake IDs for fraudulent vehicle purchases, and test drive fraud, is on the rise. Fake IDs have become more sophisticated than ever and most dealerships are not proactively equipped to prevent this type of fraud. ID scanners at the dealership can help verify identity before test drives, but McCluskey Automotive was looking for a solution that would eliminate their need to involve police and repossession agencies when cars were stolen off the lot.

The team implemented DIVE, which sends an identity verification request to prospects at the time they schedule a test drive. The simple process validates their ID remotely, and uses facial recognition to match the person holding the phone to the ID photo. It then returns a successful verification to the McCluskey team inside the portal, which allows them to schedule the test drive with complete confidence.

“Scammers are always finding new ways to defraud dealerships. It is usually too late when you find out, but with DIVE we’re able to verify identity in advance, giving us greater peace of mind that each person on our lot is a legitimate potential customer.

John McCullough, CFO at McCluskey Chevrolet

Economic pressures often increase the incidence of fraud for businesses such as car dealerships. McCluskey is able to effectively deter fraud and prevent themselves from being a target. Since implementing the solution they are catching several would-be fraudsters every month, improving the security of their inventory and the safety of their dealership.