E-Seek M280 ID Reader – Flatbed ID Scanner & 2D Barcode Reader

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E-Seek’s M280 ID Scanner reads, decodes, and parses all electronic data from 2D (PD417) barcodes. It’s capable of scanning and capturing a complete image of an ID card or Driver License. Simply place the ID or license on the scratch-resistant glass; with the press of a button, an image of the ID is captured.

About the E-Seek M280

Ideal For Demanding Work Environments

The E-Seek M280 Flatbed ID Scanner & 2D Barcode Reader is designed especially for demanding and high volume scanning environments. With no moving parts and a durable glass surface, the E-Seek M280 the perfect solution.

Driver’s License 2D Barcode (PDF417) Reading Technology

Advanced 2D barcode reading technology provides reliable reading and decoding of government-issued ID cards. Capable of scanning and capturing a complete image of an ID card or Driver License when you place the ID on the scratch-resistant glass. The scanner instantly verifies age.

When paired with VeriScan software, the E-Seek M280 is capable of flagging IDs which possess 2D barcode anomalies.

Image Capture

With the press of a button, the E-Seek M280 captures a full-color JPEG image and sends it to the host device. Additional images can be added to a customer profile by being scanned against the flatbed surface. This is ideal for bars, nightclubs, and other industries looking to reduce chargeback fraud. 

Efficient Operation

USB output ensures efficient processing times, eliminating delays in the verification and enrollment during customer registration process. Perfect for hotel or casino loyalty enrollment when paired with our ParseLink technology. 

Affordable Business Solution

The E-Seek M280 boosts security by providing means of verifying age, visitor management and check-ins for a variety of industries.

Connectivity and Data Transfer

USB interface or R-232 serial port is used for connectivity and data transfer to host device. No additional power source is required.

E-Seek M280 ID Scanner Features

  • Color Image Capture – save and store images of the ID or cropped photos from the ID
  • Functional Compatibility with M260 / M250
  • High Performance 2D (PDF417) Bar Code Reading
  • 3 Tracks Magnetic Stripe Reader
  • Easy Operation with No moving parts
  • Calibration is not required
  • Simple USB Output

Shipment Includes

  • E-Seek M280 ID Scanner
  • USB Cable
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty (optional 3-year extended warranty)


How it Works (Video)


Weight 0.884 lb
Dimensions 7.11″ L x 4.53″ W x 2.80″ H
Operating Systems Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.
Resolution Standard 272 DPI, 892 x 564 pixel
Reading Capability 2D Barcode (PDF417), MSR (cannot scan passports)
Image Capture Yes
Connectivity 2.0 USB
Powered USB/AC Power


Can the E-Seek M280 scan passports?

No. The E-seek M280 is only capable of reading standard sized (ICAO compliant), government issued IDs. This includes drivers licenses and state ID cards. For ID scanners capable of scanning passports, visit our passport scanner selection

It can, however, capture images of anything that will fit on the flatbed portion of the scanner (checks, signatures, photos), but it does not read or parse data during this process, it only captures the images and associates it to the visitor profile post ID scan.

Can the E-Seek M280 scan passport cards?

No. The E-Seek M280 cannot scan MRZ, so it cannot scan passport cards.

Does the E-Seek M280 work offline?

The E-Seek M280 does not require internet access to scan IDs. However, the particular software you are using may require online connectivity. Both VeriScan ID Scanning & Visitor Management software, and ParseLink Data Automation software work offline. 

If you are using software other than VeriScan or ParseLink, you will need to consult your software vendor to determine offline functionality.

What kind of computer do I need to use the E-Seek M280?

Any computer capable of running Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.

Does the E-Seek M280 work with Mac OS?

No. The E-Seek M280 is only compatible with Windows OS.

Do I need software for the E-Seek M280 to work?

Yes. We are providers of VeriScan and ParseLink solutions which are compatible with the E-Seek M280. The scanner is also compatible with other software, not provided by IDScan.net. Contact your software provider to confirm compatibility and functionality.

How is the E-Seek M280 powered?

The E-Seek M280 is USB powered and draws power directly from the computer. It does not require a wall plugin or a power adapter.

Can the E-Seek M280 scan all US IDs?

Yes. When paired with either our VeriScan or ParseLink solutions, the scanner is capable of reading all government issued US IDs, drivers licenses, and passport cards.

Hardware Drivers

E-Seek M280 ID Scanner Hardware Driver

E-Seek M280 ID Scanner Image Driver