2024 Fake ID Report cover

2024 Fake ID Report

Download our Annual Report around usage and prevalence of fake IDs, as well as new techniques for combatting increasingly sophisticated counterfeit documents.

Combatting fake IDs using ID scanning

We scan millions of IDs each year and offer the best age verification solution for catching up to 95% of fake IDs. Our mission is to keep your business safe, compliant, and

ID Scanning
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Learn the requirements for digital ID scanning in your state.

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ID Authentication
ultraviolet light ID examination

Use ultraviolet and infrared light to detect up to 95% of fake IDs.

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Visitor Management
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Use a visitor management system to better track all of your guests.

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ID Scanner Apps

Think your handheld app is protecting you against fakes? Think again!

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Digital IDs
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Learn about the future of identity credentials and how to scan them.

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Looking for more information about how your business can protect itself against fake IDs?