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Panasonic N1 handheld ID scanner scanning the back of a drivers license

ID scanners for security services

A driver’s license scanner for security companies can strengthen and streamline your building management and physical security services by adding identity verification. Add desktop ID scanning in offices or guard shacks and mobile ID scanning for patrol services or event security.

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ID scanner for physical security companies

Automatically collect ID data to streamline paperwork and confirm identity

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Catch fake IDs

2D barcode security checks look for signs an ID is fake.

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Incident management

Send data from each scanned ID to your incident management system.

Background checks

Instantly run background checks to gain insight on individuals

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Manage banned lists

Easily add troublesome visitors to your banned list and instantly sync the list across all entrances

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DMV checks

Query an individual against the DMV database for their state.

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Auto-populate forms

Save time by parsing 100% accurate data directly into forms and software

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Security Patrol ID Scanners

Portable ID scanners

Mobile ID scanners can be used for foot patrol, vehicle patrol, and event security. Save time and valuable man-hours by using fast, accurate ID scanning data automation software. All data is time-stamped and easily accessible.

  • Auto-focus laser ID scanning
  • Check ID information against key databases during traffic stops
  • File reports in a timely manner
  • Efficient, accurate data entry
  • Add third-party checks, such as Criminal Background
  • Eliminate back-and-forth and manual data entry
Physical Security ID Scanners

Secure Visitor Management

Add ID scanning to guard shacks, brick-and-mortar establishments, or entrance gates to enhance and streamline risk management services.

  • Perform criminal background checks, sex offender checks
  • Tag and track all visitors
  • Ban visitors with ease
  • Timestamped history of all visitors can be exported
  • Print bagdes, including time-expiring badges
  • Eliminate back-and-forth and manual data entry
VeriScan visitor management system on a desktop computer screen and a mobile device

Benefits of ID scanning for physical security companies

Security companies utilize our ID verification systems to increase safety and save man-hours.

Reduce paperwork

Eliminate cumbersome paperwork by automatically entering all information from an ID into your visitor management.

Identity checks

Our software can instantly query an individual via Criminal Background Check, Sex Offender Check, DMV data verification, and more.

Improve safety

Guards can simply request an individual’s ID and step away, removing the need for additional back-and-forth and identity confirmation.

System integration

Clean, accurate data from the ID can be synced directly into external software using a simple API.

Add third-party checks

Enhance your ID scanning by checking identity against third-party databases to ensure only trusted individuals are allowed access

DMV Database Checks
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Check identity against DMV databases in all available states to confirm ID issuance.

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Sex Offender Checks
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Check identity against all state databases for known sex offenders to keep your community safe.

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Criminal Background Checks
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Query court records across the US to perform a criminal background check against a scanned ID.

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Need help choosing a physical security ID scanner or visitor management ID scanning system?

Our team has worked with physical security companies across the US to help them select the ideal solution for their needs.

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