KYC and AML Compliance

Fight fraud and simplify the customer onboarding process with’s mobile ID validation, tailor made for KYC regulations.

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Format Validation

The has a robust library of drivers’ licenses and government IDs to ensure that the ID is formatted correctly. We instantly scan the front and back of the identity document, and perform hundreds of algorithmic checks to assess legitimacy.

Front Back Match compares the information in the 2D barcode to what is displayed on the front of the ID. This is a great way to catch cheap fake IDs and provide an even higher degree of confidence in the ID’s legitimacy.

Address Validation

When an ID is scanned, the mobile validation technology sends a query to third party databases to ensure that the address actually exists. Yet another layer of security to catch fraudulent IDs in a mobile environment. Additional third party checks can be layered on at this time.

spoofing attack face recognition

Facial Matching

Using facial recognition technology, a confidence percentage of the facial match is calculated. The institution can set a threshold to determine when to reject an individual.

All facial recognition goes through anti-spoofing measures to check that the selfie is real and prevents common attacks such as picture attacks, video/replay attacks, and 3D mask attacks.

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