Alcohol Vending Machine

Verify age with best-in-class ID authentication and facial recognition to dispense beer, wine, and liquor with our alcohol vending machine solutions
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Sell Alcohol Using a Vending Machine

Verify age in less than 15 seconds. Our age restricted alcohol vending machine solution fully authenticates the ID, and then uses advanced facial recognition to match the customer to the ID’s photo. Our software sends the pass/fail to your vending software, allowing the customer to proceed with the purchase of alcohol products.

Users are not required to download or install any applications, making our alcohol vending machine flows the easiest on the market, and the only machine which can work in offline environments.

Our Food & Beverage Industry Partners

We power millions of age verifications each week, making the purchase of alcohol safe and compliant.

How an alcohol vending machine works

Our proprietary age verification software can determine age and verify identity in less than 15 seconds.

Best-in-class ID authentication

Our age restricted vending machine solutions are integrated with an embedded ID scanner that can perform the highest level of ID authentication. This includes simultaneous front/back matching of the ID, and examination of the ID under white light, UV light, and infrared light.

The ID is also checked against hologram and watermark libraries to check for inconsistencies. Additionally, it is checked against more than 150 known “tells” that our AI has identified on previously scanned fakes.

More than 90% of suspicious IDs are identified using our authentication. Even without an attendant you can be certain that the ID is legitimate and the purchaser is of legal age to complete the transaction.

Liveness Checks & Anti-Spoofing

After confirming the legitimacy of the ID, the next step is to match the face of the customer to the ID photo. Our facial recognition technology uses the camera embedded into the vending machine to perform 3D mesh modeling and match more than 300 datapoints on the face.

Additionally, the software asks for a randomized liveness check such as “turn your head,” “smile,” or “remove your glasses” that ensures photo and video spoofing is not being used. Our software protects against the three most common types of spoofing and ensures that the customer is who they say they are.

Identity is verified

A basic pass or fail result is sent to the vending software to allow the customer to complete the transaction. From ID insertion to delivery of the pass/fail result typically takes less than 15 seconds, which allows for a streamlined purchasing experience with no additional application downloads or need for an attendant.

Alcohol Vending Machine Specs

Our unattended retail solutions are provided through our outstanding vendor partners and include all hardware and software required to verify age, perform facial recognition, take credit cards, and dispense beer, wine, and other alcohol products.

M500 – best in class ID scanner
Embedded webcam
Skinnable, brandable exterior
Works offline – no wifi required
Multiple payment options
Record all users in scan logs

Use Cases

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Download More Information

Download our one-page guide to age restricted vending including:

  • A step-by-step walkthrough of how our solution works to verify age
  • Benefits of unattended retail for cannabis
  • How the pass/fail results are returned to the vending software
  • Specs on the scanner and embedded webcam

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