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ID Scanners For Casinos

Increase compliance with banned and self exclusion lists, verify age, improve security, and enhance the guest experience with our casino ID scanners.

Simple, Instant ID Scanning

Our casino ID scanners instantly detect fake IDs, verify age, and automatically collect guest data to facilitate enrollment in loyalty programs and other guest services.

visitor management system and VeriScan solutions serve brick and mortar casinos, gaming parlors, truck stops, and online casinos, as well as a variety of gaming and gambling oriented tech businesses.

Casino & Gaming Integrations

While our ID scanners for casinos are powerfully effective on their own, we have also partnered with many of the leading players club and loyalty management systems for the gaming industry:

  • Agilysys
  • Everi
  • Bally’s
  • Light & Wonder
  • Omnigo integrates seamlessly into casino & gaming industry software, ensuring your customer data enters the system with 100% accuracy, and each ID scan can be associated with play and stay history.

ID Scanning To Manage Casino Banned Lists

Whether you scan the entrance or the cage, identity verification can help your casino stay compliant.


Increase Casino Security & Compliance

Security management is critical for ensuring compliance and mitigating risk to your organization. Our ID scanning technology improves casino security by:

  • Check individuals against your casino banned list, or external watch lists such as OFAC, PEP, and SDN
  • Automatically alert casino security when banned patrons are on the floor
  • Streamline incident reporting and communication with built-in iTrak integration
  • Ensure compliance with federal, state, or tribal laws. Export records easily to prove compliance.
  • Deter troublemakers using ID scanning

VeriScan Banned List

Upload & Maintain Your Banned List

Easily create your casino banned list by uploading a .CSV file, or individually entering the information you’d like to check against when searching for banned patrons.

Additionally, aggregates the Banned Lists from 26/50 US states. These lists are formatted for easy import by our casino customers. The VeriScan application can be configured to notify selected tam members if any individual banned in another state has their ID scanned on your property. Learn more about statewide gaming banned lists.

Additional Benefits of Casino ID Scanning

Our software leverages the power of the ID to help you create rich, accurate player profiles.

Best-In-Class Age Verification

Instantly catch fake and suspicious IDs using ID authentication.

Prevent underage individuals from entering the premises, or cashing out at the cage.

Provide White Glove Service To VIPs

Utilize our golden zip codes feature to identify potential high spenders. And track your own VIPs so that your team is alerted the moment they enter your casino.

Streamline Players Club Enrollment

Sync ID data to your loyalty program, PMS, or players club system to track visit history and capture 100% accurate customer data directly from the scan of an ID. Populating data directly from the 2D barcode helps prevent human errors such as typos and miskeys, and greatly decreases the time to sign up.

ID Scanning For Responsible Gaming

Avoid costly fines and penalties by ensuring your casino or gaming business prevents self-excluded gamblers from playing.

VeriScan Pop-Up for Self Excluded Gambler

Self Exclusion Enrollment

Our mobile ID validation solution can be used by casinos, and government entities to facilitate easy, secure enrollment into self exclusion programs.

Self Exclusion Alerting

Configure your system to check against self-exclusion lists. These checks can be performed at the door, on the casino floor, or at the cage when guests complete the form W2-G. In all instances, VeriScan can securely check against self-exclusion lists to keep your organization compliant.

Integrate with iGaming Applications

Your sportsbook or online casino can comply with the same responsible gaming standards as brick-and-mortar establishments. Integration of self-exclusion lists into your identity verification workflows is easy and secure.

Remote players club enrollment made easy

Tech-savvy casinos are using our digital identity verification API to verify age, identity, and enroll players in their loyalty programs by phone. 

Individuals can be checked against Banned Player and Self Exclusion lists, as well as PEP and OFAC lists. Data can be synced directly into your player tracking system.

Guide to Responsible eGaming

Download our whitepaper about how identity verification can be used to help online casinos and sportsbooks enhance their responsible gaming initiatives.

ID & Passport Scanner For Casino

Need help choosing an ID scanner for your casino?

Our team works with casinos of all sizes, in additional to digital gaming businesses, online sportsbooks, and gaming tech companies, to provide ID scanning software and identity verification integrations.

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