Digital Identity Verification API

Our AI powered global digital identity verification API provides ID validation, face match with embedded anti-spoofing, and third party database checks to give you a deep understanding of your customer.

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Dive deeper with the DIVE API.
Digital Identity Verification Engine (DIVE)

Verify identity in less than one minute to streamline onboarding and account creation.

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Catch fake IDs

Our 2D barcode security checks detect up to 50% of fake IDs.

face match icon

Face match selfie

Match the customer to the photo on their ID with embedded anti-spoofing.

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Accept global documents

Read and validate more than 10,700 identity documents from around the world.

Integrate into your app

Deploy our web-based identity verification inside your app or platform.

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Accurate data

Eliminate typos by adding only accurate, parsed data into your system.

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Enhanced due diligence helps you stay compliant with federal regulations.

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  • Compatible with IDs & passports
  • Fake ID checks
  • 97% of results in <12 seconds

How DIVE API works

Our digital identity verification (DIVE) API uses ID scanning and selfies to securely verify user identity. Customers simply open your app or click on a link sent via SMS to begin the process.

Snap a photo of the front of the ID

The customer will use the camera on their mobile device to capture an image of the front of their ID. Using optical character recognition (OCR) our software ingests all of their identity data.

digital identity verification using OCR to read the front of an ID

Snap a photo of the back of the ID

Next, the customer takes a photo of the back of the ID. Our software ingests and reads the data stored in the 2D (PDF417) barcode and compares it to the data on the front of the ID.

digital identity verification ID scanning the back of a drivers license

Selfie face match

The customer is guided through a series of liveness checks and anti-spoofing exercises while our software creates a 3D mesh template of their face and compares it to the photo on their ID.

Face matching with anti spoofing instructions on a mobile device

As soon as the application detects a quality image it snaps a photo and confirms document type. Users can scan their IDs in less than 10 seconds with only 2 clicks.

Digital Identity Verification Engine (DIVE)

Features & pricing



Scan & parse ID barcodes

Scan & parse passport MRZs

DIVE API + IdentiFraud

Includes ID Parsing plus:

Selfie face match

Anti-spoofing & liveness checks

Third party checks

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DIVE complete features list
DIVE API + IdentiFraud
Scan ID barcodes
Scan passport MRZs
Parse all ID/passport fields
Send verification requests via SMS
Algorithmic ID security checks
Front / back cross-matching
Selfie face match
Liveness checks
Address validation check
Social Security Administration checks
Public records checks
Utility / telecom records checks
97% success rate
Optional KBA questions
Cost per scan
Volume discounts apply
Digital identity verification

Barcode security checks

Many tools can read and parse the data on the ID, but our remote ID validation takes it a step further by performing more than 100 algorithmic checks on the ID’s barcode. This allows us to catch low quality fakes and fake IDs with 2D barcode (PDF417 anomalies.

  • Data format check
  • State “tell” check
  • Barcode position check
  • Jurisdictional check
  • Barcode size check
  • Front / back crossmatch
Back of a colorado drivers license
Woman's face being compared successfully to the photo on her ID
Digital identity verification

Face matching via selfie

We harness the power of your customer’s mobile phone camera to perform identity verification using a live selfie video. Our face match technology easily confirms that the live user is the same individual as the person in the ID photo.

How long does your face matching take?

The face matching process takes <10 seconds from the time the user opens their mobile camera. The digital identity verification API efficiently creates a mesh template from the ID photo, and then rapidly applies it to the live user on camera, returning a result as soon as it determines whether the face is a match or not.

Does DIVE API face match include anti-spoofing?

Yes. The system performs multiple anti-spoofing checks, protecting against photo attacks, replay attacks, and 3D mask attacks.

Does DIVE API face match include liveness checks?

Yes. We offer multiple, randomized liveness checks embedded into the selfie workflow.

Upgraded! Tamper checks

Improved detection of physical and digital tampering

We’ve upgraded our authentication algorithms to better detect potential tampering on IDs and passports.

  • Advanced micro-shadow checks
  • Color-matching
  • Font consistency checks
  • Metadata inspection
  • Print-quality detection
  • Image compression checks
tampered drivers license with taped-on photo
AI-generated fake ID from Arizona

See how DIVE stacks up against AI-generated fake IDs used to perpetrate deepfake scams.

Add third party checks

Deepen your understanding of each customer by checking their data against a third party database.

DMV Database Checks
DMV Data Verification Icon

Check customer identity against DMV databases in all available states to confirm ID issuance.

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IdentiFraud Checks
Reduce Identity Fraud Icon

Check identity against the SSA, known fraud lists, and OFAC/PEP for KYC/AML compliance.

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Looking to integrate custom lists or other data sources?

Digital identity verification

How to integrate DIVE API

What operating systems are compatible with DIVE API?

DIVE API is a web-based API, which can be integrated into any web-based tool. If you require full, native integration you can leverage similar tools using our SDKs.

What percentage of individuals is DIVE API able to successfully verify?

We strive to verify 97% of individuals in 12 seconds or less.

How do you calculate risk threshold inside DIVE?

Our customers have ultimate flexibility to place emphasis on each of the variables related to identity verification, ultimately creating their own blended risk score an determination of which transactions are a “pass” and which are escalated for manual review.


Global document coverage

Through our partnerships we accept and verify more than 10,700 documents in more than 250 languages.

  • North American drivers licenses & IDs
  • Global passports
  • Global drivers licenses
  • National documents from 140+ countries
ID reading & parsing

More than 10,700 documents can be read and parsed using DIVE API and data automation.

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ID authentication

We are rapidly expanding the library of global documents which can be authenticated.

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Third party checks

We offer access to multiple third party identity checks for North American customers.

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Face matching using the digital identity verification engine

Track your verifications from a central portal

Easily view the total validations initiated, data parsed from the ID, results of third party checks, and volume by day, week, and month.

Benefits of digital identity verification

In a mobile-first economy your business will benefit from an omni-channel approach to onboarding.

Save costs

Remove the need for the vast majority of manual identity checks and background lookups

Reduce paperwork

Eliminate manual data entry, photocopies, and paper applications with remote onboarding.

Reduce fraud

DIVE API offers multiple roadblocks that will deter fraudulent account creation.

Eliminate typos

Clean, accurate data from the ID populates into your software – no typos or fat fingers.

Digital Identity Verification

Send requests via SMS

Send identity verification requests from the central portal via SMS. Simply enter in the individual’s information and trigger a timebound request sent directly to their mobile device.

The user can fully complete the transaction on their phone in less than 30 seconds, and the verification results will instantly appear in your portal.

face matching using a selfie in our digital identity verification product

Request a demo or quote of our digital identity verification API

Remotely validate IDs, perform selfie face match, check against third party databases, and verify 97% of identities in less than 12 seconds.

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