Digital Identity Verification API

Our AI powered global digital identity verification API provides ID validation, face match with embedded anti-spoofing, and third party database checks to give you a deep understanding of your customer.

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Dive deeper with the DIVE API.
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Digital Identity Verification Engine (DIVE)

Verify identity in less than one minute to streamline onboarding and account creation.

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Catch fake IDs

Our 2D barcode security checks detect up to 50% of fake IDs.

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Face match selfie

Match the customer to the photo on their ID with embedded anti-spoofing.

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Accept global documents

Read and validate more than 10,700 identity documents from around the world.

Integrate into your app

Deploy our web-based identity verification inside your app or platform.

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Accurate data

Eliminate typos by adding only accurate, parsed data into your system.

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Enhanced due diligence helps you stay compliant with federal regulations.