ID Scanning Using A Mobile Camera

Turn any Android or iOS mobile device into a powerful ID scanner

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How ID Scanning Works

ID scanning leverages the power of mobile cameras.

Mobile Device Capabilities

Out-of-the-box, cameras on Android and iOS devices do not possess the capabilities required to scan the types of barcodes and symbologies commonly used on IDs – 2D and MRZ.

Using an ID scanning application you can scan these formats as easily as scanning a QR code.

Scanning Using Mobile Camera

Implementing ID scanning technology will enable auto-focus on the 2D barcode or MRZ, which will allow for quick and accurate scans, and set the user up to parse the information contained in the data storage format as well.

ID Scanning SDKs

Are you working on a native application that requires ID scanning?

You can turn any Android or iOS mobile device (phone/tablet) into a scanner with the ability to read 2D barcodes and MRZs.

Reach out to our developer advocacy team, or test our our SDKs below. We offer the most flexible, lightweight, and affordable ID scanning developer tools in the industry.

Visit our ID Scanning SDK documentation

Readable Fields From An ID

The following are a list of available fields, which can be scanned and parsed from commonly issued drivers’ licenses and state-issued IDs.

First Name
Last Name
Middle Name / Middle Initial
Street Address
Zip Code
Issue Date
Hair Color
Eye Color
License Class
Expiration Date
ID Number

Benefits of ID Scanning

ID scanning saves time, manpower, reduces errors, and increases compliance.

Save hours of manual data entry

Reduce errors by pulling exact data from the ID itself

Meet compliance requirements for digital scanning

Save visitor logs based on scanned IDs

Use your existing iOS and Android devices – no hardware required

Detect suspicious IDs by looking for anomalies in the 2D barcode

Frequently Asked Questions

How does ID scanning work?

Our ID scanning SDKs turn the camera on a mobile device into a scanning tool. Much like iOS and Android camera come with native capabilities for scanning QR codes, our SDKs allow a mobile camera to auto-focus on a 2D barcode or MRZ and turn that barcode into a raw text string.

Does this SDK use optical character recognition(OCR)?

No. This SDK reads the barcode on the back of the ID and ingests the data stored in the 2D barcode. It is much more accurate than optical character recognition. 

Which types of IDs can be scanned?

This SDK works for all US drivers’ licenses and state-issued IDs, as well as all government IDs. It also works on most Canadian IDs, military IDs, and some Canadian healthcare cards. It can also scan the MRZ on passports for all countries globally. It does not work on QR codes, magstripes, or RFID chips.

What type of camera is needed?

It is recommended that you use a camera at least 5 Megapixels.

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