Age Restricted Vending

Instantly verify age and identity to dispense cannabis, tobacco, or alcohol in publicly accessible environments with our age restricted vending technology.

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Age-restricted vending in less than 30 seconds

Verifying IDs in unattended retail environments relies on the integration of AI software, biometric analysis, and image processing

Insert the ID Into the Scanner

The ID scanner captures dual-sided images in high resolution while simultaneously reading the information from the barcode to verify age. We utilize a best-in-class scanner capable of robust authentication. 95% of fake IDs will be detected at this stage.

Anti Spoofing Facial Recognition SDK

Compare the Image to Video.

Use the on-unit camera to compare the video of the customer to the image on the ID to ensure the purchaser is the rightful owner of the document.

Anti-spoofing’s anti-spoofing engine helps prevent attacks and reduce facial recognition spoofing from fraudulent sources.

Learn more about our anti-spoofing engine

Benefits of Age-Restricted Vending

How does age-restricted vending work?

Verifying IDs at unattended retail machines relies on the integration of AI software, biometric analysis, and image processing applications. The customer inserts their ID, which is authenticated using white light, UV light, and infrared light. Facial recognition is then used to match the customer to the ID. If both checks are passed, our software gives the green light for the machine to proceed with the transaction.

What are the PII requirements for unattended retail?

Vendors can select what happens with their customer’s personally identifiable information (PII), depending on local data privacy and product industry regulations, as well as minimum age for purchase.

Where is age-restricted vending used?

Unattended retail is popular around the world, however there are no standards for unattended retail of age restricted products. Use in venues, at festivals, in hotel rooms, and in other difficult-to-staff environments we believe has the opportunity to open additional sales channels for businesses.

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