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ID scanning API

Our ID scanning API allows you to scan, read, and parse government-issued IDs and passports in realtime.

Digital identity verification API

Integrate robust identity verification into your application

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Catch fake IDs

Our 2D barcode security checks perform 75+ algorithmic checks on each ID.

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Reduce errors

Automate data entry by parsing fields from the ID into your system.

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Integrate your software

Remove unnecessary paperwork and manpower from enrollment workflows.

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Recognize faces

Match the customer’s face to the photo on their government-issued ID.

digital identity verification ID scanning the back of a drivers license
ID scanning API

ID barcode parsing (PDF417) to data string

The first step in our digital identity verification process is to scan and ingest the data stored in the ID’s barcode.

Sample RESTful web service response for 2D barcode information:



Content-Type: text/json

Cache-Control: no-cache

{“authKey”:”[authKey]”, “text” : “[base-64 encoded driver license text]”}

What information can be extracted from a 2D barcode on the back of a ID?

All data seen on the front of an ID is also stored in the ID’s barcode including items such as first name, last name, address, date of birth.

ID scanning API

OCR the front of a drivers license or ID

The first step in our digital identity verification process is to scan and ingest the data stored in the ID’s barcode.

When would I use the ID scanning API to read the front of an ID?

This RESTful API is used to perform optical character recognition (OCR) on the front of a drivers’ license. It is ideal for instances when you want to perform front/back matching on a drivers license, or in instances in which the back of the ID may not be available for parsing.

What is the difference between OCR reading and barcode parsing?

Optical character recognition is viewing the image of the ID and “interpreting” the text, whereas barcode parsing is simply reading the symbology of the 2D barcode. 2D barcode parsing is much more accurate.

digital identity verification using OCR to read the front of an ID

ID scanning API FAQ

How much does the ID scanning API cost?

Pricing is based on volume. We have a low monthly minimum, which covers up to 1,000 ID scans/month.

How often is the ID scanning API updated?

The API is updated between 10 and 15 times annually based on the number of new IDs published in the year. We update the API as frequently as needed to ensure a high degree of compatibility with all North American IDs. Additionally, we are frequently adding new ID formats, such as military IDs, hunting licenses, firearm licenses, and medical marijuana cards to improve the size and breadth of our ID library.

Source code examples:

How long does it take to return results after a scan?

Scan results are typically returned in less than 1 second. However, there are some variables depending on the application. If you are using our ID authentication tools to perform a more robust set of checks, or comprehensive fake ID detection, then results can take up to 15 seconds per scan.

What are the image requirements for this API?

Images should ideally be no more than 1500px wide, with a resolution no less than 96dpi (150dpi is recommended). JPEG compression should be no less than 15%.

What type of API is the the ID scanning API?

It is a RESTful API.

Identity verification developer tools

We offer a full library of ID parsing and ID scanning SDKs and APIs for all commonly used operating systems and platforms. Our team of integration experts can help ensure you select the right tools for your identity proofing needs.

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Digital Identity Verification Engine (DIVE)

Web-based remote identity proofing including ID validation, face match, and third party checks.

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ID authentication

Take your ID scanning to the next level with ultraviolet and infrared forensic document analysis.

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Face matching

Match customer faces in selfie videos to faces in an ID or passport photo.

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