ID Scanning API

Our ID scanning and parsing API allows you to read government issued IDs from the US and Canada inside applications in real time. Available 24/7 with a reliable backup server.

Powering ID Verification Technology

Our ID scanning API powers native and web applications around the globe, using a variety of development frameworks.

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API usage is based on the number of monthly scans and scales based on scan volume. Use our Quote Request Form, or give us a call at (504) 434-0222, and a representative will provide custom pricing.

Why implement digital identity verification?

In a mobile-first world consumers expect to be able to initiate and complete transactions from their phone, in a matter of seconds. Using our ID scanning and ID parsing API you can integrate robust identity verification into your application or workflows.

ID Parsing From 2D Barcode

Studies show that nearly 1 in 2 records in most CRMs contains a typo. You can completely eliminate data entry errors on identity data with ID parsing. ID parsing takes the raw information stored in the barcode and formats it for instant entry into your existing database or form. ID parsing is more accurate and reliable than optical character recognition (OCR).

Automate Signs Ups & Enrollment

Remove unnecessary paper and processes from your onboarding. Digital identity verification and ID scanning allows your customers to sign up at their own pace, and gives your team confidence in the accuracy and validity of their information.

Use our API to check IDs

We perform best-in-class 2D barcode analysis to help detect and catch suspicious IDs.

Perform Facial Recognition

Leverage our facial recognition API or SDK to add face matching to your application. Match faces in photos and video to the image on an ID.

ID Scanning API Resources

What fields can be returned in the API response?

We have the ability to return more than 40 fields on a scanned drivers license, including, but not limited to:

First Name
Last Name
Hair Color
Eye Color
ID Number
Image of sample API fields from ID Scan

RESTful Web Service – ID 2D Barcode PD417 (string)

The RESTful API parses the information stored in the 2D barcode.

Content-Type: text/json
Cache-Control: no-cache
{"authKey":"[authKey]", "text" : "[base-64 encoded driver license text]"}
back of driver's license
Back of a driver’s license.

RESTful Web Service – Parse an image of the Back of a Drivers’ License

This RESTful API will convert the image of the back of an ID or drivers license and convert it into a string of characters for use with our parsing API.

Content-Type: text/json
Cache-Control: no-cache
{"authKey":"[authKey]", "text" : "[base-64 encoded driver license text]"}
Louisiana Driver's lIcense
Louisiana Driver’s lIcense

RESTful Web Service to OCR an image of the Front of a Driver’s License

This RESTful API is used to perform optical character recognition (OCR) on the front of a drivers’ license. It is ideal for instances when you want to perform front/back matching on a drivers license, or in instances in which the back of the ID may not be available for parsing.


Frequently Asked Questions & Samples

How much does the ID Scanning API cost?

Pricing is based on volume. We have a low monthly minimum, which covers up to 1,000 ID scans/month.

C# Sample (Image and ID processing using REST API)

Download C# Sample Project (Image processing using Web API)

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.IO;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using RestSharp;

namespace cs_rest
 class Program
 static void Main(string[] args)
 const string authKey = "";

 var client = new RestClient("");

 // Image file
 var imageFile = File.ReadAllBytes(@"");
 var data = Convert.ToBase64String(imageFile);

 var requestImage = new RestRequest("/DriverLicenseParserRest.svc/ParseImage", Method.POST)
 RequestFormat = DataFormat.Json

 requestImage.AddHeader("Content-Type", "text / json");
 requestImage.AddBody(new { authKey, data});

 var responseImage = client.Execute(requestImage);
 var contentImage = responseImage.Content;

 var textFile = File.ReadAllText(@"");
 var text = Convert.ToBase64String(Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(textFile));

 var request = new RestRequest("/DriverLicenseParserRest.svc/Parse", Method.POST) { RequestFormat = DataFormat.Json };

 request.AddBody(new { authKey, text });

 request.AddHeader("Content-Type", "text / json");

 var response = client.Execute(request);
 var content = response.Content; 


C# Sample ID# Validation request REST API

var request1 = new RestRequest("/DriverLicenseParserRest.svc/ValidateLicenseNumber", Method.POST) { RequestFormat = DataFormat.Json };

request1.AddBody(new { authKey, licenseNumber = "123445", jurisdictionCode = "WA", countryCode = "USA"});

request1.AddHeader("Content-Type", "text / json");

var response1 = client.Execute(request1);
var content1 = response1.Content;

Validation Codes:

INVALIDNUMFORMAT – ID# does not match the format provided by the issuing state

How long does it take to return results after the scan?

Scan results are typically returned in less than 1 second. However, there are some variables depending on the application. If you are using our authentication tools to perform a more robust set of checks, or comprehensive fake ID detection, then results can take up to 15 seconds per scan.

How often is the API updated?

The API is updated between 10 and 15 times annually based on the number of new IDs published in the year. We update the API as frequently as needed to ensure a high degree of compatibility with all North American IDs. Additionally, we are frequently adding new ID formats, such as military IDs, hunting licenses, firearm licenses, and medical marijuana cards to improve the size and breadth of our ID library.

What type of API is the ID Scanning API?

It is a RESTful API.

Web Services API

What are the images requirements for this API?

Images should ideally be no more than 1500px wide, with a resolution no less than 96dpi (150dpi is recommended). JPEG compression should be no less than 15%.

Source Code Examples for our WSDL Web API

ID Parsing SDKs

Would you rather embed ID scanning and parsing inside your application? Download our easy-to-use SDKs which work offline and can be used inside native applications.

Want to perform facial recognition?
Add Third Party Checks
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Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC)
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