Age Verification Software

Identify and stop underage patrons at point-of-purchase or point-of-entry using an ID scanner to perform accurate age verification.

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Benefits of age verification software

With the simple scan of any government-issued ID or passport, VeriScan instantly verifies patron’s age

Your license relies on ensuring that guests below the legal limit (18, 21) are not allowed to enter the premises or purchase age-restricted products.

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Catch fake IDs

Use ID authentication to detect up to 95% of fake IDs.

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Increase compliance

Improve compliance with age verification regulations and affirmative defense laws.

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Sell age restricted products

Confidently serve alcohol, cannabis, CBD, or other adult-use products.

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Empower your security

Remove the need to make judgment calls from your bouncers and bartenders.

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Customer experience

Speed up your entry lines by instantly scanning guest IDs.

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Flag underage patrons

Pop-ups will instantly alert you if a guest is underage or has an expired ID.