Scan digital IDs & mobile drivers licenses

Use VeriScan for iOS to scan and validate the next generation of identity documents: mDLs and electronic IDs.

A barcode from a digital ID being scanned on a phone

Types of mDLs and digital IDs

Every state’s digital ID program works a little bit different. Our team is hard at work to integrate with the widest variety of digital credentials to ensure you can successful verify customers whether they are using a physical or electronic ID.

Apple Wallet

Apple has integrated with multiple state DMVs to offer drivers licenses inside Apple Wallet and Google Wallet, with more on the way.

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Proprietary, interoperable applications

GET Group North America, Envoc, and Thales are among the providers of state-specific apps.

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LA Wallet digital ID application for Louisiana


Idemia, known for providing much of the TSA’s ID scanning technology, had launched the MID app in several states.

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Idemia MID digital ID application on a mobile device