software downloads

Software Downloads

VeriScan for Windows

VeriScan for Windows (formerly VeriScan Desktop) is our most powerful ID scanning software. It is installed and run on a desktop or laptop computer, and is required to perform ID authentication.

Latest Version | v3.8.0.35

If you’re using any of these features, continue using Classic VeriScan (v2.x)

Available Third Party Check Add-Ons

Enhance your identity verification. These third party checks can be priced in bulk, or per scan.

WizzForms Desktop

WizzForms is easy-to-use form auto-fill software. It is installed and run on a desktop or laptop computer, and allows for ID scanning into your existing software systems such as CRMs, property management systems, incident management systems, loyalty programs, spreadsheets, and more.

Latest Version | v1.159.2

Authentication SDK

Use the links below to download and install the latest versions of our Authentication SDK.

Latest Version |
Compatible with VeriScan v3.6, Classic VeriScan v2.158.2 or higher

Previous Version |
Compatible with WizzForms v1.159.2

Request a license key by emailing

Third Party Checks & Screening Services

Enhance your existing KYC protocols by layering on additional checks against trusted third party databases. We offer a wide variety of screening tools to enrich your customer profile and prevent identity fraud.

Request a license key for any screening service by emailing

Custom Lists

With our third party checks you can also create custom lists. These can be queried throughout the identity verification process.