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ID Parsing

Collect information from IDs, driver’s licenses, and passports from around the world

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How ID Parsing Works

Turn 2D barcodes and MRZ into data – sync’d to any database or application

How it works

The process of collecting, separating, and classifying information from the various fields on an ID.

The individual’s information is stored on the ID in a barcode. When an ID is scanned, parsing technology automatically captures the data from the ID and converts it to a usable and consistent format.

Parsing can be accomplished easily using an ID scanner. It can also be performed using a mobile device which has been enabled with barcode scanning capabilities.


Auto-capture is a data entry process in which a scan is used to automatically fill form fields or complete data entry into a database. All the data stored on an ID can be scanned, parsed, and automatically captured for use in a database or application. This is a huge timesaver and greatly reduces errors since the exact information stored on the ID is what is ingested into the system.

flowchart for how ID parsing SDK works’s ID Parsing Software Development Kit allows you to incorporate ID reading capabilities into your own application. Our state of the art component is made for developers and can read the digital data from the magnetic stripe and 2D barcode from driver’s licenses, state-issued ID cards, military ID cards, common access cards (CAC), gun permits, and Canadian health cards.

Component features:

  • 2D barcode (PDF417), magnetic stripe and MRZ(Passports)
  • Complete data parsing
  • Works with virtually any language(i.e. C++, .NET, VBScript, Java)
  • Compatible with Windows OS, iOS, Android, Linux, SPARK, etc
  • Available for 32-bit or 64-bit OS

ID Parsing SDKs

Are you working on a native application or web application that you would like to capture data from IDs?

Our ID Parsing SDK enables instant, accurate data capture from an ID scan.

Reach out to our developer advocacy team, or test our our SDKs below. We offer the most flexible, lightweight, and affordable identity verification developer tools in the industry.

Visit our ID parsing documentation

Readable Fields From An ID

The following are a list of available fields which can be parsed from commonly issued drivers’ licenses and state-issued IDs.

First Name
Last Name
Middle Name / Middle Initial
Street Address
Zip Code
Issue Date
Hair Color
Eye Color
License Class
Expiration Date
ID Number

Frequently Asked Questions

How does ID parsing work?

ID parsing simply reads barcodes and translates all the data stored in a barcode into readable data, matched to fields inside your system. It works on 2D barcodes (PDF417) and passport MRZs.

Does this SDK use optical character recognition(OCR)?

No. This SDK reads the barcode on the back of the ID and ingests the data stored in the 2D barcode. It is much more accurate than optical character recognition. 

Which types of IDs can be parsed?

This SDK works for all US drivers’ licenses and state-issued IDs, as well as all government IDs. It also works on most Canadian IDs, military IDs, and some Canadian healthcare cards. It can also scan the MRZ on passports for all countries globally. It does not work on QR codes, magstripes, or RFID chips. We also offer credit card parsing via a separate SDK.

What type of camera is needed?

If you are using the camera on a mobile device you will also need our ID Scanning SDK. If you are using a device that is built for scanning no additional hardware is required.

What are the benefits of your ID parsing SDK?

  • Does not require Internet connectivity to scan IDs.
  • Parses ID data locally on each device, which results in faster processing speed.
  • Ability to scan IDs using the camera on the back of your device (requires 5-megapixel camera or greater).
  • Master license available for unlimited deployment.
  • 24/7/365 customer and technical support.

Can you provide examples of projects which utilize your ID parsing SDK?

Parse IDs remotely

Easily integrate our digital identity verification API into your application or website to fully automate age verification and identity confirmation. The DIVE API is capable of parsing IDs and provides additional tools like anti-spoofing face match, layered address checks, and social security administration verification.

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