Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas

Inside of Sapphire Gentlemen's Club


Sapphire Club is the largest gentlemen’s club in the US and averages about 2,500 to 3,500 visitors per day. Equipped with skyboxes, private rooms, and numerous stages, Sapphire was voted best gentlemen’s club in Las Vegas two years in a row.


With its high volume of customers, Sapphire needed a way to quickly scan IDs, verify age, and collect customer information in an easy and efficient manner. They needed a robust system that would be easy to implement and maintain, so they began testing different mobile ID scanning systems on the market.

Sapphire needed all of the following:

  • Software to scan IDs from all 50 US states and 8 Canadian provinces
  • Fast and efficient way to verify age
  • Cloud-based system that worked when not connected to Wi-Fi or 4G
  • Ability to ban patrons or label them as VIPs
  • Portable and lightweight scanner with a long battery life
  • Image capture capabilities to associate a person’s picture with their ID information
  • Reports to increase operational efficiency and keep records of all their customers


After testing several systems on the market, Sapphire found’s VeriScan Online to be the most advanced and reliable ID scanning solution available. Paired with the Panasonic FZN1, VeriScan provided all of the features Sapphire was looking for plus additional benefits.

Sapphire uses 6 devices at each of its entrances and at its pool. Their biggest need was efficient ID scanning to quickly move people through their lines. VeriScan’s offline mode greatly sped up this entire process by allowing each bouncer to scan IDs and upload the information to the cloud at a later time.

“We needed a solution that could handle the high volume of visitors we have.’s VeriScan Online app helped us significantly reduce our customer’s wait time.”

John Lee, General Manager at Sapphire

The VeriScan Online reporting tools helps Sapphire maintain accurate records of who entered their premises and allowed management to track “VIP” and “Banned” patrons. Using VeriScan Online’s marketing reports also enabled Sapphire to start tracking the gender breakdown, average age, top cities, and new vs. return ratio of their customers.


Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club received exactly what they were looking for:

  • Easy, simple, and fast ID scanning and age verification
  • Cloud-based solution that works when not connected to Internet
  • Advanced data collection and reporting tools to help streamline operations and analyze customer information