Polaris streamlines the legal waiver process for high-risk test drives

Polaris ID scanning to prevent test drive fraud case study

Polaris Industries is a large industrial firm that manufactures, sells, and distributes a number of vehicles through its dealer networks. 

Those vehicles include off-road vehicles, motorcycles, snow mobiles, and low emission vehicles. As part of the sales process, potential customers often require and desire a test drive. Polaris must obtain legal waivers to accommodate those test drivers. Simultaneously, the Polaris team wanted to capture accurate customer data for post-test drive follow up.


Polaris was suffering from several challenges related to their need for speedy data capture 

  • The need for each prospective customer to sign a waiver prior to the test drive
  • Ability to instantly ingest customer data into the Polaris’ CRM system, so dealers could respond quickly to a hot prospect
  • Portability for use in showrooms and at off-site vehicle testing locations
  • The system needed to be as automated as possible with manual override if necessary
  • The data capture system needed to read IDs from all 50 states, including both magnetic strips and 2D barcodes

ID scanning considerations

Polaris wanted to capture basic identification information about the prospect and additional information like email address and phone numbers.

For this prospect, Polaris chose to use the M-310 Handheld ID card reader with VeriScan mobile software, since it was portable, robust and could read IDs from all 50 states as well as Canadian provinces. Polaris needed a professional and custom software solution so they could obtain the data they required quickly and accurately. 

Software solution

IDScan.net worked closely with Polaris to modify their existing ID scanning solutions to work with Polaris’s existing waivers, and their customized CRM platform.. With IDScan.net’s solution, all the dealer had to do was swipe or scan the prospect’s standard ID.

This process allowed the ID information to be populated into the VeriScan software on the M310 device. 

The process was fast and accurate, and allowed for manual data entry as needed. The resulting data was shared quickly and easily with the Polaris corporate offices which they entered into their CRM, including the required legal waiver. 

IDScan.net’s solution is built upon leading proprietary scanning technology via a Microsoft SQL platform. It provides the ability to scan IDs from all fifty states, including Driver’s License and Motorcycle permit, and Canada. Any information contained in the ID can automatically be populated into a database. This technology also has reporting capabilities so the information collected can also be analyzed and integrated into a larger database. 


Polaris was pleased to receive just what they wanted.

  • Easy, simple, fast, and accurate data collection with 100 accuracy
  • Liability coverage by uploading signed waivers to their corporate platform
  • Portability and flexibility
  • Usable and accurate reporting

ID scanning solutions for the automotive industry

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