ID Verification Via SMS

Digital identity validation for every business. Easily send requests for ID verification via SMS or text message.

Leading Provider of AI-Powered Identity Verification

Every month we verify millions of identities, making the internet safer and more secure for businesses.

Easily send requests for verification via text message

Trigger verification requests using the simple DVS Portal inside the Control Panel. Simply input name, phone number, and the domain associated with the request, and click send.

In 5 seconds or less the user will receive the request for verification on their phone, with a link to begin the verification process.

Clicking the link inside the SMS opens your customized instance of our DVS portal, where they can verify their identity.

Scan the identity document

Our document verification solution automatically detects the document type, and is pre-configured to scan and parse 2D barcodes and passport MRZs.

As soon as the application detects a quality image it snaps a photo and confirms document type. Users can scan their IDs in less than 10 seconds with only 2 clicks.

Use selfies for facial recognition

Our facial recognition technology detects their face inside the oval, and uses anti-spoofing technology to create a 3D mesh model that can accurately detect depth and liveness of facial features.

The selfie will be instantly compared to the photo on the front of the ID.

Manage Your Verifications From A Central Portal

Send requests for verification via SMS, manage and view sent requests, and download and export requests from the DVS Online Portal. Our no-code option will have you sending requests on the very first day you open your account.

Request A Demo

Contact us for a demo of our mobile ID validation tools. Start verifying identity via SMS today.