Gentlemen’s club ID scanning keeps guests and staff safe, improves law enforcement relations

Denver Player's Club exterior

Players Club in Denver, Colorado is one of the state’s premier nightclubs. With long opening hours and thousands of guests on busy nights, keeping the team safe and staying in compliance is always top of mind for the Players Club team.

Adding gentlemen’s club ID scanning to the bouncer arsenal

Denver Players Club has always taken security seriously, but advances in fake ID technology were fooling even their most seasoned bouncers. They wanted to be proactive about fake IDs. So they went looking for a scanning and fake ID detection system. 

The club implemented VeriScan in 2016, using E-Seek M260’s for scanning and ID parsing. They immediately saw an uptick in the percentage of fake IDs that were detected. They also noticed a decrease in incidents at the club entrance – the mere presence of a digital ID scanner was helping to deter troublemakers and streamline the checkin process for their bouncers. 

All Denver Players Club scanners syncs with their centralized visitor management system, Veriscan. The VeriScan authentication engine is purpose built for detecting fake IDs. It uses AI to perform more than 100 checks for known fake ID “tells.”

 In addition to scanning and age verification, VeriScan performs ID parsing, taking fields stored in the barcode and converting them to readable data, which is quickly aggregated with 100% accuracy. This is matched with the image on the ID to create an easily searchable guest profile. 

Players Club system requirements

  • Read 2D barcodes from physical and digital copies of US government IDs
  • Extremely durable for high volume use
  • Works in low light environments
  • Performs ID checks on both sides of the ID, including front/back matching
  • Provides demographic information on nightclub patrons
  • Syncs to centralized database which can be reviewed by back-office staff
  • Captures images on the ID for easy, visual guest lookup

Benefits of VeriScan ID scanning

An added benefit for Players Club is the ability to dispute chargebacks. ID scanning means that the club has a record of every individual who visits the premises, so when patrons attempt to dispute credit card charges, Players Club has proof of who was on-site, and when they arrived.

“In our industry you are always one incident or lawsuit away from being closed. So access to information on our guests – and fast – is crucial. Our system allows us to stay safe and build a strong relationship with local law enforcement.”

Players Club General Manager
  • ID authentication catches the highest percentage of fake and suspicious IDs
  • Simultaneously capture and read data from the front and the back of the ID
  • Stop previously banned patrons from entering the nightclub
  • Prevent chargebacks by regretful patrons
  • Easily peruse visuals of patrons in the event of an on-site incident


ID scanning and visitor management has had life-saving consequences for Players Club. In the aftermath of a shooting outside their venue, the team was able to quickly review the visitors from that night, identify the suspect, and provide law enforcement with the man’s ID information, leading to a quick arrest. They were even able to sync up his ID scan with their surveillance system to provide immediate video evidence. 

Players Club plans to upgrade their ID scanning systems again this year to catch more fakes, and increase the amount of information stored about each guest. This will further increase club safety, and ensure they are able to work with law enforcement again in the event of any future incidents.

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