General Motors improves data automation using ID scanning & ParseLink software

Chevrolet steering wheel

A marketing department with the Chevrolet Division of the General Motors Corporation developed a program to collect and assess basic marketing information from a random group of potential customers.

The desire was to contact thousands of individuals in public areas and ask them a few simple but important questions about their history and knowledge of Chevrolet motor vehicles and their potential purchase of a vehicle in the near future. They were also questioned about their interest in being contacted by a representative of Chevrolet.

The Challenge

This project posed several key challenges to the Chevy marketing team.

  • The interviewee did not want to spend a lot of time answering questions, so the collection process had to be fast
  • The interviewer needed a simple and fast way to collect the information with minimal training
  • The information collected needed to be accurate
  • The collection system needed to be portable
  • Needed a way to automate data entry
  • The information needed to be available for download to a format that could later be uploaded into a larger Chevrolet database

Software Solution

Chevrolet wanted to capture basic identification information about the interviewee and additional information like email address and phone number. Chevrolet also wanted to ask five questions about the interviewee’s previous experience and knowledge of Chevrolet. 

For this project, Chevrolet chose to use a tablet PC, since it was portable and very flexible. However, the company needed a professional ID scanning software solution so they could obtain all of the data they wanted quickly and accurately. 

After researching suppliers of custom data collection software, Chevrolet contacted IDScan.net. IDScan.net worked closely with Chevrolet to build a solution that would quickly ingest ID data and parse it into the desired format for Chevrolet’s marketing study. They modified the off-the-shelf ParseLink product to meet their unique needs.

The resulting data was downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet for later analysis which was entered into Chevrolet’s databases. 

With IDScan.net’s solution, all the interviewer had to do was swipe or scan the interviewee’s standard driver’s license or government-issued ID card. This process then populated all of the relevant fields of information. Chevrolet interviewers also had the option to manually enter the ID information. 

The remaining questions were easily and quickly answered through the use of multiple choice selection buttons.

Chevrolet Results

Chevrolet was pleased to receive just what they wanted.

  • Easy, simple, fast, and accurate data collection
  • Portability and flexibility
  • Usable and accurate reporting

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