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Capture Solution

Replace manual data entry with fast, accurate, and seamless data capture using powerfully intelligent form filling software with integrated ID scanning.

WizzForms Compatible Software

We provide easy-to-use software that allows for ID scanning into many systems. Including, but not limited to:

form scanning software
form scanning software
form scanning software
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form scanning software

Our auto-capture solution, WizzForms, saves organizations time and money and dramatically improves customer onboarding and retention by offering a frictionless way to capture and exchange information from a scanned ID.

Benefits of Data Automation

Populate forms with 100% accuracy by eliminating typos and other costly mistakes. It all starts with the scan of an ID.
cross-platform app development

Seamless Integration

Use any program to populate forms and databases with information from any ID scanned using our auto-capture ID scanners.

Speed Up Check-In

Streamline and simplify enrollment, sign up, and registration processes by eliminating manual data entry.

Loyalty Enrolment

Increase Take-Rate

Boost customer enrollment and completion rates and increase customer loyalty and retention by eliminating barriers to sales and sign ups.

form scanning software

Sophisticated ID Parsing Into Your Key Systems

Advanced, proprietary ID parsing technology collects information from IDs, separates data by field, and makes data available to populate software and forms.

ID Scanning

ID scanners use the 2D barcode (PDF417) or machine readable zone (MRZ) to read the personal information stored on the ID. This includes fields such as first name, last name, address, and date of birth. This information can be parsed into usable data strings, which can be mapped to fields within your software, CRM, or spreadsheet.

Reducing Typos & Data Entry Errors

Some businesses have reported that as many as 10% of system errors and support tickets are caused by data entry errors (typos or “fat fingers”).

Scanning IDs, and using the information stored in the ID’s symbology, eliminates many of the manual, keyed fields which are typically populated by a front-desk attendant or check-in agent. Instead, your system will benefit from clean data, that matches the government-issued identity of your customer.

What is WizzForms

WizzForms is a data capture and form auto-population software.

  • Government issued IDs & drivers’ licenses
  • US Military IDs
  • Gun permits
  • US & global passports

The information stored on the ID can be fed into a variety of software appllications. WizzForms is compatible with any Windows computer. Setup is simple and intuitive and takes only 3-5 minutes with no programming skills required.

ID Scanning Form Fill Features

Key benefits of using data scanned from IDs to fill forms and populate fields inside your software systems. Setup is simple and intuitive and takes only 3-5 minutes with no programming skills required.

Read & parse all government-issued IDs
Capture verified, accurate customer data
Reduce manpower spent on manual data entry
Eliminate time and barriers to sign-up, onboarding, loyalty program enrollment, etc.
Save images of the ID. No more need to make physical photocopies.
Reduce fraud and deter scammers
Eliminate typos and data entry errors by mapping ID fields directly into your system
Layer ID authentication to instantly verify the customer’s identity and ID validity
Expedite the check-in and sign-up process, resulting in happier customers
Prevent chargeback fraud by capturing ID details
Save money on labor costs and employee time on menial tasks
Frequent updates ensure you’re always compatible with the latest ID formats
Scan IDs into multiple software systems with ease
Full compatibility with your current system – no switching costs
form scanning software

WizzForms ID Capture App Features

Our form scanning software is capable of rapidly and efficiently improving your data intake processes.

Reads all US, Canadian, Australian IDs and drivers’ licenses
Scan 2D barcodes (PDF417) all government issued IDs and passports
Reads US passports, and global passport MRZs
Captures data & auto-populates into any form (Excel, Access, Outlook, QuickBooks, ERP software, or any web form)
Quickly scan & collect data in <1 second with 100% accuracy
Scan IDs without WiFi access
Create multiple profiles to collect data into different software applications
Capture photos of the ID and save as a JPG or PNG file
Capture photos of a credit card and save as a JPG or PNG file
Access ID scan and credit card history with a text search
Read, scan, and parse international documents (driver’s licenses) from around the world
*Requires specialty hardware
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Ready to buy?

Here are some pre-configured bundles which include form-fill software, and ID scanning hardware to get you started.

WizzForms Easy-to-Use Features

WizzForms operates as a virtual typist that can enter information from an ID or passport instantly

form scanning software

Special Keys

Built in keystrokes for commonly used keys such as Tab, Enter, Home, End, and Space. Use these to expertly navigate through your form, spreadsheet, or document.

form scanning software

Free Text

Create a custom hard coded word or phrase that will be commonly entered in one of your fields.

form scanning software

ID Scan Fields

These are the fields you can get from the ID automatically, such as Name, Date of Birth, and Address of your visitor.

form scanning software

Built-In Fields

Use these keystrokes to search for a window by name, get the current date, add a delay, or get information about the current logged in user.

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The Latest News

The latest updates related to ID scanning and identity verification

Frequently Asked Questions

Which ID scanners are compatible with WizzForms?

Do you have a sample profile for Choice Advantage?

Do you have a sample profile for Aristocrat Oasis 360?

  • Aristocrat Oasis 360 (right click the link and “Save Link As”)

What applications is WizzForms compatible with?

We have compatibility with most Windows-based applications. Many systems in gaming such as Agilysys, Bally’s, Everi, Light & Wonder, and Aristocrat. Many PMS and hospitality programs such as Cloudbeds, Oasis. As well as commonly used programs like Excel, Access, Outlook, and QuickBooks.