Al’s on 7th – a premier Alabama nightclub goes digital for line-busting and security

Large crowd waiting outside the entrance to Al's on 7th Nightclub

Al’s on 7th is one of Birmingham, Alabama’s premier nightclubs, sporting three bars and an outdoor patio. With weekly karaoke and drag shows drawing large crowds, their nightclub ID scanning and age verification needs to be top-notch.

The Challenge

In order for bars to stay open past 2am on Saturdays, Alabama law requires that they be “licensed clubs,” with patrons signing up to be members. For eleven years, Al’s on 7th’s process of verifying IDs was cumbersome, with regular patrons carrying membership cards and new customers stopping at the door to fill out membership forms. This created a log jam on their busiest nights.

 In addition to ensuring that customers are of age, Al’s on 7th’s ID scanning solution has streamlined the process of admitting patrons to the nightclub. Members no longer have to carry membership cards, and information on new visitors auto populates into a form via VeriScan software, which is built into the ID scanner.

Al’s on 7th Requirements for Nightclub ID Scanning

  • Read 2D barcodes from physical and digital copies of US government IDs
  • MRZ reading capabilities for passports and passport cards
  • Portable
  • Extremely durable for high volume use
  • Provides demographic information on nightclub patrons
  • Sync data between multiple scanners

Benefits of VeriScan ID Scanning Software

Al’s on 7th’s scanner syncs with their centralized visitor management system, Veriscan Online. VeriScan works with all commonly sold scanners. The VeriScan authentication engine is purpose built for detecting fake IDs. It uses AI to perform more than 100 checks for known fake ID “tells.”

In addition to scanning and verification, VeriScan performs ID parsing, taking fields stored in the barcode and converting them to readable data, which is quickly aggregated with 100% accuracy. This allows Al’s on 7th to easily collect names and demographic information about all of their guests.

“Other bars in town have asked where our system came from…. We put our business in jeopardy every time we let a new patron in the door. The IDWare Falcon relieves that pressure.”

Al’s on 7th General Manager

Security Benefits of VeriScan for ID Scanning

  • Perform 2D barcode security to catch fake IDs
  • Prevent underage sales by checking date-of-birth against today’s data
  • Stop previously banned patrons from entering the nightclub
  • Small footprint that allows them to move the IDWare Falcon from the front door to the bar when necessary
  • Provides demographic information on nightclub patrons
  • Syncs data between multiple scanners

The IDWare Falcon Countertop ID Scanner provided Al’s on 7th with a sleek solution that alleviated pain points associated with their membership only business model. It also removed the burden of visually inspecting IDs, ensuring that patrons are of age and that they have not been previously banned from their nightclub.

The demographic information has yielded valuable insights about their customer base. Prior to the IDWare Falcon, they were unaware that their business had been growing at a healthy pace, with 40% of its visitors being new patrons. 

ID Scanning Solutions for Bars & Nightclubs

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