Las Vegas strip hotel & casino uses ID scanning for tobacco sales to ensure compliance with NRS 370

Las Vegas Strip store

On  January 1, 2023, Nevada state law mandated that all tobacco sales to individuals under 40 must be preceded by “enhanced control methods such as scanning technology or a software-based program.” The regulation, known as NRS 370 (formerly AB360), is part of a broader effort by the State of Nevada to more stringently protect against underage purchases of alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis. ID scanning for tobacco sales is growing in popularity, with several states such as Montana and South Carolina also considering legislation that would require electronic ID checks.

A popular Las Vegas Strip hotel has partnered with IDScan.net to ensure compliance with the new regulations, using VeriScan age verification software across their Nevada properties. This partnership allows the casino group to not only check the age of patrons but to verify the information on the ID as well.

Best in class standards for age verification

In order to ensure their properties remain in full compliance with any relevant laws or regulations, this major strip casino group has not only implemented use of the scanners, but have also taken additional steps to ensure all staff members are properly trained on device usage.

“Despite vague regulations, we are laser-focused on ensuring compliance.”

Casino Retail Director

A fleet of 80+ ID scanners are being utilized across 8 properties, scanning customer IDs for every required tobacco purchase.

Requirements for age verification for tobacco sales

  • Ensure compliance with Nevada’s new NRS 370 law
  • Instantly provide a visual cue for the cashier completing the transaction
  • Remove ID checking burden (including litigating fakes) from untrained staff
  • Track visitor and transaction logs to ensure your operations run efficiently as possible

In addition to checking customer age against today’s date, and verifying the ID’s expiration date, VeriScan performs more than 100 algorithmic checks on the 2D barcode of each ID, looking for inconsistencies, or known “tells” that indicate the ID may be fraudulent. 

VeriScan allows for management of privacy and PII retention settings at the account level. This ensures that all customer data is securely purged after each ID is scanned, if desired.


As of Spring 2023, the casino group has onboarded 80+ devices across all of their Nevada properties. While Nevada is the first state to implement this law, other states are now looking into similar legislation, so NRS 370 may set the standard for age verification requirements on tobacco sales nationally.

ID scanning for tobacco sales

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