Showcasing age restricted vending at NAMA 2023

Age restricted vending machines at NAMA 2023

Last updated on November 30th, 2023 at 01:52 pm

The day has finally arrived. We are happy to unveil an exclusive look at our age restricted vending machine in action at the 2023 NAMA Show. We attended alongside our partners from FastCorp and Thru Solutions who all played parts in producing the all purpose machine shown below.

See the age restricted vending machine in action!

See our partner validating his identity. The ID is inserted into the embedded M500, set through a series of light checks, and validated. He is then sent through guided prompts on face matching and anti spoofing. The whole process incredibly easy and takes less than 15 seconds!

How does it work?

As you can see from the video above, the process is self guided, quick, and easy, but here is a breakdown of how the age verification process actually works.

This process starts with a customer inserting their ID into the designated area after selecting the product they want to purchase. Inside that slot is a built-in ID Scanner that scans the ID using white light, UV light, and infrared light to authenticate the legitimacy of the ID. After the ID has been authenticated, the age restricted vending machine then guides users through the Biometric section of the process. As you saw, the customer was asked to follow a series of commands in order to assure matching to the ID while ensuring liveness and anti-spoofing of the customer to prevent fraud.

But won’t all of these machines take away from the curb appeal? No. All of these built in security features and integrations are seamlessly hidden inside the machine, so that the outside remains sleek and branded to your specifications.

Use cases

The best part of the age restricted vending machine is the efficiency of it. As you can see in the video, the entire process only took about 30 seconds. The longest part is deciding which product you want to purchase from the age restricted vending machine. 

The machine is fully customizable and can house a variety of products in different shapes and sizes. You aren’t limited to soda size cans, or chip size bags. Custom molds are created so that you can put whatever age restricted product inside that you desire, including alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, or even all three at the same time. The possibilities and combinations are endless due to the built in security features mentioned above. This makes it the perfect solution for busy bars who need to free up bartenders for cocktail only orders, and for smoke shops and dispensaries who want a quick and efficient checkout method for those customers that know what they want. For certain states you could even place these machines in shopping malls or on busy streets depending on state regulations for age restricted products. 

To learn more about how you can obtain one of these groundbreaking age restricted vending machines, contact a member of our team.