Fake ID Scanner App

Our affordable, secure fake ID scanner app instantly reads each ID and looks for telltales signs that the ID is a fake.

An easy-to-read pop-up helps your bouncers and security team to keep minors out and exclude patrons using a suspicious ID.

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fake ID scanner app, VeriScan, displaying a warning pop-up after a fake ID is scanned
Fake ID scanner app

Many types of businesses benefit from detecting fake and suspicious IDs

id scanning for tobacco sales icon

Tobacco & vape stores

Ensure purchasers of tobacco and e-cigarettes are over 21.

id scanner for dispensary icon

Cannabis dispensaries

Comply with state laws and ensure marijuana is not sold to minors.

ID scanner for bars icon

Bars & nightclubs

Equip your bouncer with a fake ID scanner and keep minors out.

Casinos & cardrooms

Scan at the door, on the casino floor, or at the cage to detect fakes.

Age restricted products

Use a fake ID scanner anywhere you sell or dispense age restricted products.

Adult content & gaming

Catch fake IDs for purchases. of adult content or mature videogames.