Fake ID Scanner App

Our affordable, secure fake ID scanner app instantly reads each ID and looks for telltales signs that the ID is a fake.

An easy-to-read pop-up helps your bouncers and security team to keep minors out and exclude patrons using a suspicious ID.

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fake ID scanner app, VeriScan, displaying a warning pop-up after a fake ID is scanned
Fake ID scanner app

Many types of businesses benefit from detecting fake and suspicious IDs

id scanning for tobacco sales icon

Tobacco & vape stores

Ensure purchasers of tobacco and e-cigarettes are over 21.

id scanner for dispensary icon

Cannabis dispensaries

Comply with state laws and ensure marijuana is not sold to minors.

ID scanner for bars icon

Bars & nightclubs

Equip your bouncer with a fake ID scanner and keep minors out.

Casinos & cardrooms

Scan at the door, on the casino floor, or at the cage to detect fakes.

Age restricted products

Use a fake ID scanner anywhere you sell or dispense age restricted products.

Adult content & gaming

Catch fake IDs for purchases. of adult content or mature videogames.

What does a fake ID scanner cost?

Choose the level of fake ID detection that’s right for your business



Per device

Or $350/year

Quantity Limit: 1


Scan all North American IDs

Scan global passports

Verify age

2D barcode security checks

Use standard lists

Save images on device



Per device

Or $650/year

Quantity Limit: 1+

Includes Basic, plus:

Sync multiple devices

Create custom lists

Send email, SMS alerts

Add third party checks

Save images to the cloud



Per device

Or $1200/year

Quantity Limit: 1+

Includes Premium, plus:

Add agreements & waivers

Print badges

Add custom fields

PII & privacy settings profiles

Integrate into other systems

ID Authentication


Per device

Or $1600/year

Quantity Limit: 1+

Includes Enterprise, plus:

Ultraviolet light scanning

Infrared light scanning

Hologram checks

Watermark checks

Catch 95% of fake IDs

VeriScan complete features list
ID Authentication
ID scanning & age verification
Scan North American drivers licenses
Scan global passports
Scan non-US drivers licenses
New! Mobile ID Acceptance on iPhone
Verify age with ID or passport scan
Verify ID expiration date
2D barcode security checks
Anti-passback alerts
Void mark detection
Ultraviolet, infrared, and white light ID examination
Detect 95% of fake IDs
*Requires specialty hardware
Visitor management
Save & manage visitor profiles
Sync visitor profiles between multiple locations & devices
Utilize standard lists (VIP, Banned, Trespassed)
Create custom lists
Add tags to visitor profiles
Send notifications via email, SMS
Integrate third party checks (DMV, Criminal Background, etc)
In/out tracking
Add agreements, waivers, signatures
Create and print badges
Create custom fields
Use for management of remote access sites via VeriLocks
Match customer face to ID photo
Capture & view images on your device
Save and view images on the cloud
Drag and drop images into third party applications or local drive
Data storage & privacy
Scan offline without wifi access
5 days
14 days
14 days
14 days
Custom data retention length
Data retention settings by field
Manage PII settings profiles at the account level
Sync multiple devices and accounts
Knowledge based authentication
Compatible operating systems
iOS, Android, Windows
iOS, Android, Windows
iOS, Android, Windows
Windows only
Access webhooks for integration into your other technology systems
SSO (Single Sign-On) to VeriScan Cloud portal through Google and Azure AD
How it works

Can fake ID scanners catch all fake IDs?

Fake IDs are becoming more and more sophisticated each year as fraudsters use AI to create more realistic copies of drivers licenses, IDs, and even passports. As jurisdictions release new IDs with better security features, fake ID manufacturers are right behind them, updating their templates to match!

Expensive, foreign-made fake IDs are often touted as “scannable,” which means that they believe the fake can pass a barcode scan. However, we’ve found that nearly 50% of fake IDs scanned with VeriScan fail even a basic barcode scan.

When you use ID authentication, you are doing an even deeper leve of verification, which allows for detection of up to 95% of fake IDs.

How does a fake ID scanner app work?

The app reads and examines the ID’s 2D barcode. If ID scanning hardware is used it also performs additional checks on the ID’s authenticity.

Does the app check against third party sources?

While you can layer on third party checks, the app is verifying the ID itself, so there are no per-scan costs to catch fake IDs.

How long does it take to tell whether an ID is fake?

Barcode security checks return a result in <1 second. ID authentication performs a full series of checks in <10 seconds.

Enjoy the strongest protection against fake IDs

In order to catch 95% of fake IDs you need more than a fake ID scanner app for your phone, you’ll need ID authentication.

ultraviolet light id authentication / fake id detection

Ultraviolet light ID scanning

ID authentication examines each ID in ultraviolet light to look for the presence of UV security features on both sides of the ID.

Infrared check on an ID during ID authentication

Front / back crossmatch

VeriScan ID authentication checks the data stored in the barcode of the ID against the data printed. on the front, looking for any mismatches which indicate the ID is fake and needs further scrutiny.

infrared light fake ID detection / authentication

Infrared light ID scanning

ID authentication also uses infrared light checks to look for the presence of marks which only appear under infrared light conditions.

Most popular desktop fake ID scanners

Handheld fake ID scanner app

Can you catch fake IDs using just a mobile device?

Yes. VeriScan catches roughly 50% of fakes using sophisticated AI that performs more than 100 checks on the barcode of each ID. 2D barcode security checks can flag IDs with anomalous data in the PDF417 barcode on the back of the ID.

Using a handheld ID scanner is far more accurate, effective, and security than the naked eye. And the scanner can also ingest data from the ID to create visitor profiles and log visit history.

Do I need a dedicated ID scanner or can I use my phone?

Our fake ID scanner app works well using the existing camera on your mobile phone, but you will likely enjoy the faster, more efficient scanning you get with a dedicated laser ID scanner.

Is the app available for iOS and Android?

Yes. VeriScan is available for both iOS and Android. In fact, you can have both versions in use, syncing to the central cloud portal. We have many customers using both versions successfully.

Which handheld ID scanner will work best for my business?

We offer a great selection of dedicated handheld ID scanners which can save your business the trouble of installing the app on employee devices.

Most popular handheld fake ID scanners

The VeriScan app pairs great with Android-based dedicated mobile ID scanners

Fake ID report cover

Read the 2023 Fake ID report and learn more about how your business can more effectively combat fake ID usage by minors.

Pile of confiscated fake IDs

Start using a fake ID scanner and catch more fake IDs today

Keep minor and fraudsters out and ensure all guests are using legitimate IDs with VeriScan fake ID scanner app.

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