IDWare Falcon – Touchscreen Countertop Tablet ID Scanner

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The IDWare Falcon ID Countertop Scanner comes with a VeriScan trial pre-installed, ready to begin scanning IDs, verifying visitor age, tracking guests, managing lists and groups. Auto-focus laser scans all government issued IDs and passports. You can upgrade your account to a paid subscription at any time.

About The IDWare Falcon

How It Works

The IDWare Falcon All-in-One Mobile Android Countertop ID Scanner scans both IDs and passports.

It validates the ID, and verifies age and ID expiration date, and performs 2D barcode security to detect for IDs with anomalies in the PDF417 barcode. ID information is immediately parsed and sent into the built-in visitor management system, VeriScan.

VeriScan creates or updates a record for each individual, and logs the visit history—securely in the cloud—with a date and time-stamp.

Create & Manage Lists

Veriscan allows you to classify users, including frequent guests, VIPs, and banned individuals. Banned lists can be configured to send automatic alerts via email or SMS to your management or security team.


All visitor records are shared across locations in real-time and stored securely in the cloud. Records are accessible through a web-based admin panel. You can review demographic information across multiple venues and locations. Purchase multiple IDWare Falcons, or share data across a variety of desktop or handheld ID scanners.

Kiosk Mode

Because the IDWare Falcon ID Scanner is front facing, and can be purchased with a durable desktop stand, it is ideal for self check-in situations, access management, and kiosk mode applications.

IDWare Falcon Features

  • Scans and validates North American drivers’ licenses and other government-issued IDs
  • Scans and parses all passports containing an MRZ
  • Standalone mobile solution with secure cloud storage
  • Quickly captures data from the ID with 100% accuracy
  • Creates a record for all new guests and updates record for existing guests
  • Create and manage lists such as VIP, Banned, etc.
  • Sends text or email alerts when certain guests arrive

Your Package Includes

  • IDWare Falcon All-in-One Mobile Scanner
  • Included Accessories: Charger, USB Cable, Hand Strap, Countertop Stand



Weight 1.78 lbs (does not include countertop stand)
Dimensions 9.13386″ x 6.22047″ x .866142″ or 232mm x 158mm x 22mm
Operating Systems Black: Android P (9.0), Orange: Android N (7.0)
Resolution 8 inch LCD screen, 1920*1200 IPS 500 NITs brightness, capacitive touch screen
Reading Capability 1D, 2D Barcode (PDF417), NFC, MRZ (via camera), mDLs
Environmental Rating

P67 Rated, operating conditions between -20 and 55C

Connectivity BT/WIFI/2G/3G/4G LTE
Powered USB/AC Power (Black: USB Type-C, Orange: Micro USB
Compatible Software VeriScan

How it Works (Video)


Does the IDWare Falcon scan passports?

Yes. The IDWare Falcon can read the machine readable zone (MRZ) on all global passports using the device camera, in addition to all government issued IDs and drivers licenses using an auto-focus laser.

Can the IDWare Falcon work offline?

The IDWare Falcon does not require internet access to scan IDs. VeriScan ID Scanning & Visitor Management software works offline, though some functionality may be limited while the device is not connected to wifi, depending on your offline scanning settings.

Do I need software for the scanner to work?

Yes. We are providers of VeriScan for Android which is compatible with the IDWare Falcon. It can be installed via Google Play. This purchase is for the device only. You will download and pay for the VeriScan subscription separately.

How is the IDWare Falcon powered?

The IDWare Falcon is battery powered and runs off the charge. It can also be used while plugged in via USB-C cord or standard wall plug if need be.

How long is the battery life on the IDWare Falcon?

The battery life of the IDWare Falcon is between 8 and 10 hours.

Is the IDWare Falcon waterproof?

The IDWare Falcon has an IP-68 waterproof rating making it spill/droplet proof.

Can the IDWare Falcon be used as a self-serve kiosk?

Yes. The IDWare Falcon comes with a countertop stand which allows for self-service check-in of guests.