Unitech PA768 ID and Passport Scanner – Mobile ID & Passport Scanner

From: $1,329.00

The Unitech PA768 handheld ID Scanner instantly verifies age, and is capable of detecting 2D barcode anomalies upon scan. Track visitors, manage access, and enforce protocols & compliance with a handheld ID scanner.

About the Unitech PA768 Handheld Scanner

The Unitech PA768 features a 6.3″ Color LCD display with a resolution of 1080 x 2340 (FHD+), this device offers a vibrant and immersive visual experience. The high sunlight visibility ensures clear readability even in bright outdoor environments. With the LCD backlight reaching up to 500nits, you can enjoy enhanced visibility in various lighting conditions.

The ID can be held as close as 3” from the top mounted scanner, or as far as 3 feet. The scanner automatically detects the presence of a barcode or MRZ and initiates the scanning process.

ID Scanner Features

  • Mobile ID scanning
  • Scan all passports, drivers’ licenses, US military ID cards, permanent resident cards and other state and government-issued ID cards
  • Age verification, custom grouping, and history export
  • Versatile data collection. Able to read 2D barcodes from the screens of mobile devices
  • Android 12 – Google Mobile Services certified (Upradable to Android 14 in 2025)
  • Offline capabilities, scan IDs without an internet connection
  • Heavy-duty protection. Sealed against dust, water spills, and moisture, IP67 rating

Your Package Includes

  • Unitech PA768 mobile computer with autofocus barcode scanner
  • Charging cradle with cable and wall power adapter (optional)
  • USB-C Charge Cable with 5V power adapter
  • Hand Strap
  • Spare Battery (optional)
  • Belt Holster (optional)
  • Screen Protector (optional)
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty (optional 3-year extended warranty)



Weight 9.52oz
Dimensions 6.57″ x 3″
Operating System Android 12
Resolution 2160 x 1080
Reading Capability 2D Barcode (PDF417), MRZ
Connectivity Wifi, 5G Cellular
Power USB-C
Environmental Rating IP67
Durability Rating High
Compatible Software VeriScan

How it Works (Video)


Can the Unitech PA768 scan passports?

Yes. The Unitech PA768 can read the machine readable zone (MRZ) on all global passports using the device camera, in addition to all government issued IDs and drivers licenses using an auto-focus laser.

Can the Unitech PA768 work offline?

The Unitech PA768 does not require internet access to scan IDs. However some features of VeriScan ID Scanning & Visitor Management software will not work offline, and will be held in local cache until the device reconnects to the internet, depending on your offline scanning settings.

Which OS does the Unitech PA768 use?

The Unitech PA768 runs on Android 12.0.

Do I need software for the scanner to work?

Yes. We are providers of VeriScan for Android which is compatible with the Unitech PA768. It can be installed via Google Play. This purchase is for the device only. You will download and pay for the VeriScan subscription separately.

How is the Unitech PA768 powered?

The Unitech PA768 is battery powered and runs off the charge. It can also be used while plugged in via USB-C cord.

How long is the battery life on the Unitech PA768?

After extensive internal testing, we have found that the Unitech PA768 lasts between 16-20 hours of continuous scanning before requiring a recharge. We recommend turning the brightness down to 50% to increase the scanner’s battery life while in use.

Is the Unitech PA768 waterproof?

The Unitech PA768 has an IP-68 waterproof rating making it spill/droplet proof.

Does the Unitech PA768 have image capture?

The handheld ID scanner is capable of taking photos, however it uses an auto-focus laser for ID scanning, and so is not capable of both scanning an ID and simultaneously capturing a photo.

How does the Unitech PA768 compare to scanning using a mobile phone?

The Unitech PA768 has an auto-focus laser ID scanner attached to the top of the device. This allows for extremely rapid, accurate scanning. Scanning IDs using a personal mobile device such as an Android or iOS phone (or iPad) requires use of the device’s camera. This is much slower and not ideal for high volume scanning.

Additionally, most businesses prefer to use a dedicated ID scanner for PII and privacy reasons, as it ensures no personal data is ever cached, stored, or viewed on employee devices.