Automotive/Car Dealership ID Fraud Report Cover 2024

Automotive ID Fraud Report

Download our 2024 report on the latest fraud risks and ID verification-related trends at automotive businesses.

ID scanning & identity verification for automotive

In this guide you’ll find out how car rental companies and auto dealerships are targeted by fraudsters using a fake ID, and how to best protect your automotive business from identity fraud.

ID Scanning
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Learn the requirements for digital ID scanning in your state.

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Remote ID Validation
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Validate identities remotely, before buyers or renters arrive on-site.


ID Authentication
ultraviolet light ID examination

Learn how to best validate IDs using multiple light wavelengths.

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Safeguard Laws

ID scanning can help keep your business compliant with privacy laws.

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PII & Privacy Laws
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Learn about data retention policies and what PII can be saved from a scanned ID.

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