VeriLocks Access Control System – ID Scanner For Door

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Verilocks is a door ID scanner used for age verification and access management. Easy to use and install system uses ID validation and age verification to determine if an individual is eligible for entry based on age and/or if the person belongs to a certain group (Banned/VIP/etc). Includes all hardware to replace your commercial door…

About VeriLocks

The VeriLocks ID Scanning for Access Management system allows for door unlock capabilities with the scan of an ID. The system is powered by VeriScan ID scanning software and an always-on 8″ Android scanning device.

VeriLocks Door ID Scanner Features

  • Compatible with electric lock, access controller, exit push button, and intercom camera.
  • NC/NO/COM outputs can control various types of electric locks
  • The working current of 3A, can provide an electric lock and access controller with 12VDC steady output voltage.
  • The system can also work with your existing equipment such as 12V Electromagnetic Locks(Electromagnetic Lock is not included) or gates.
  • The backup Battery option supports an external battery(battery not included).
  • With a relay control circuit, lock time can be adjusted from 0 to 15 seconds.

Access Logic Configuration Options

  • Allow access for 18+ (ex. gaming rooms, adult content venues, etc.)
  • Allow access for 21+ (private rooms in bars & nightclubs, dispensary lobbies, etc.)
  • Allow access to Allow List only
  • Allow access to everyone except for Banned List

How VeriLocks Operates

After configuring your preferred settings, simply install the ID scanner for door, and connect the lock and striking mechanism with the VeriLocks mounted wall scanner. Guests will hold the back of their ID underneath the mounted enclosure and in seconds the system verifies that they are allowed entry. 2D barcode security is performed on each ID scanned, allowing your business to root out potentially suspicious IDs and fraudsters are kept out of your facility.

Each ID scanned is logged and a visitor profile is created, storing the PII you select. This creates a detailed entry log which will allow you to see timestamped entry for each individual who uses the access point. With VeriLocks you have complete peace of mind for your unattended gates and entry points, ensuring that you are capturing visitor information, and keeping out unwanted entrants.




VeriLocks Specifications

Input Voltage 100-240VAC
Input Frequency 50-60Hz
Output Voltage 12VDC
Output Current 3A
Output Power 36W
Efficiency (Typ.) 90%
Time Delay 0-15s
Backup Battery Support

VeriLocks Enclosure Specifications

Enclosure Material Aluminum alloy
Enclosure Finish Spraying
Enclosure Color Grey
Operating Temperature -4 to +140℉ [-20 to +60°C]
Operating Humidity 10%-90%RH
Product Weight 7.3oz [207g]
Silicone Wire Length 8″
Enclosure Dimension 4-29/64″ x 3-5/64″ x 1-17/64″ [113x78x32mm]

How it Works (Video)

Package Includes

  • IDWare Falcon touchscreen table with auto-focus laser ID scanner
  • Mountable steel enclosure
  • Keypad for ID scan bypass
  • Push/exit button
  • Electric door strike
  • RFID key fob