Age & Identity Verification Technology

Your partner for smarter identity verification

More than 7,500 global brands use’s ID scanning, identity verification, and fraud reduction technology. We are proud to build technology that builds trust. 

Identity verification from anywhere

Embed identity proofing into your onboarding or enrollment workflows to validate IDs, perform biometric checks, and confirm that your customers are who they say they are.
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Data automation & automated form fill

Send data from scanned IDs directly into your key systems for accurate, typo-free data capture.
ID scanner populating data automatically

Age verification & fake ID detection

We are the best at catching fake IDs. From 2D barcode securities to flag suspicious IDs using handheld scanners and mobile apps, to deep ID authentication with multi-wavelength light checks, we take document verification seriously.
ID being authenticated with ultraviolet light

Visitor & access management

Secure your premises and prevent unauthorized or underage entry by scanning IDs, creating detailed visitor logs, managing access and banned patron lists, and syncing data between multiple ID scanning devices.
VeriScan Desktop guest history with profile photos
AI-powered identity verification platform

It all starts with the scan of an ID

We offer products and technology that enable businesses to improve security, compliance, and data integrity through scanning IDs. We analyze millions of scanned IDs each month using machine learning to maintain the best fake ID detection algorithms in the industry.

On top of our ID scanning and document verification tools we have third party checks and other advanced fraud-reduction systems, built to give our customers deep confidence that their customers are legitimate.

We are proud to be identity verification partners to more than 7,500 global businesses.

VeriScan is age verification and visitor management built to help global businesses stay secure while complying with varied privacy laws.

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ParseLink uses ID parsing to help you ingest data directly into any Windows or cloud-based software.

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Our Digital Identity Verification Engine (DIVE) is designed to give you deep confidence in your customer through remote identity verification.

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Mobile ID Acceptance on iPhone

Now available with VeriScan

Now you can verify ID in Apple Wallet and other types of Mobile IDs right on your iPhone with VeriScan for iOS. No additional hardware needed. It’s easy, secure and private. 

New! Mobile ID Acceptance Using VeriScan for iOS
Simmons bank app digital onboarding

Learn how banks and financial institutions are leveraging’s digital identity verification tools to greatly reduce fraud in their account opening process.

GameStop logo image on dark background

See how GameStop has implemented ID scanning to verify identity and prevent fraud in their Trade-In program.

Chevrolet steering wheel

Learn more about how General Motors used ID scanning to automate data entry for on-the-ground marketing surveys.

Entrance and ID scanning queue at Planet 13 cannabis dispensary
planet 13 dispensary logo

See how the world’s largest cannabis dispensary meets stringent compliance standards using VeriScan ID authentication.

How can help your business?

We provide ID scanning products built on the backbone of our AI-powered fake ID detection, helping you stay secure and compliant without sacrificing speed and flexibility.

Prevent fraud
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We provide layered identity verification that creates multiple speed bumps for fraudsters, while taking just seconds for good customers.

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Keep minors out
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Don’t risk your license, or hefty fines, by inadvertently serving a minor. Our age verification and fake ID detection tools can reduce your exposure.

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Improve security
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Maintain accurate logs of all of your visitors, and perform third party checks to ensure your guests are who they say they are, keeping your employees and customers safe.

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Automate data
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Parse data directly from an ID or passport and remove manual data entry, greatly eliminating the risk of typos or fat finger errors in your database.

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Quickly integrate ID scanning into your platform or software

Looking to add ID scanning, ID authentication, identity validation, or third party identity checks to your business? We work with businesses of all sizes to provide scalable, profitable solutions to solve their identity verification challenges.


Industries we serve

We specialize in age verification, fraud reduction, and data automation for high compliance scenarios

ID scanning for car dealerships icon


Prevent test drive fraud and loan fraud with ID scanning at your dealership.

Banking & finance

We provide identity verification for both digital and in-branch transactions.

Cannabis dispensaries

We work with 9/10 largest MSOs in the country to power their age verification.

Casino & gaming

Verify age, and stay compliant with responsible gaming laws.

Delivery & transportation

Secure your entire supply chain by scanning driver and customer IDs.

ID scanning for hotels icon


ID scanners for hotels can streamline check-in and save manhours.

ID scanner for schools icon


Improve campus safety and security by scanning visitor IDs.

ID scanning for law enforcement

Law Enforcement

Automate data entry, ticket creation with a handheld scanner for your police cruiser.

“’s technology is a key element of the security and efficiency of our Trade-In Program.”
Vice President of Engineering, GameStop
“Our customers love the improved security benefits of scanning IDs and confirming identity.”
President, CheckpointID
“As Las Vegas’ first 21+ casino, age verification at the door is critical to our operations.”
Security Manager, Circa Casino
“ ‘s VeriScan with ID authentication enables us to meet the highest standards for compliance.”
General Counsel, Planet 13 Holdings

Ready to see how can transform your business?

We work with businesses of all sizes to provide scalable solutions to their identity verification challenges.