Age & Identity Verification Technology

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Identity verification from anywhere

Embed identity proofing into your onboarding or enrollment workflows to validate IDs, perform biometric checks, and confirm that your customers are who they say they are.

digital identity verification - man being verified

Data automation & automated form fill

Send data from scanned IDs directly into your key systems for accurate, typo-free data capture.

ID scanner populating data automatically

Age verification & fake ID detection

We are the best at catching fake IDs. From 2D barcode securities to flag suspicious IDs using handheld scanners and mobile apps, to deep ID authentication with multi-wavelength light checks, we take document verification seriously.

ID being authenticated with ultraviolet light

Visitor & access management

Secure your premises and prevent unauthorized or underage entry by scanning IDs, creating detailed visitor logs, managing access and banned patron lists, and syncing data between multiple ID scanning devices.

VeriScan Desktop guest history with profile photos